Thursday, January 7, 2010


Oh, hi! I think a few weeks got gobbled up there (I may or may not have eaten them myself). I pretty much relocated to quiet, serene (and snowy) Michigan for a few weeks and am now back to the land of the ambulance siren and gazillions of fast-moving people and things. It's snowy here too and, unlike everyone else, I love it. It's white! And pretty! And it kinda covers all the yuck (temporarily) with a smooth, sparkly blanket (of brrr).

Our Christmas this year was one of the most peaceful ones I can remember. We made and decorated cookies (halfway through I may or may not have taken a nap on the couch. I'd call out directions every once in a while from my position to make sure the kids weren't messing anything up. What a good mom I am going to make!), completed two puzzles, ate a bunch of food, made more sweets, ate them, watched movies, opened presents, ate more, etc. I even slept until 7:30am most days. A major feat for me. I think the beaner received the most gifts this year...which basically means that I received the most gifts--Christmas WIN. Bebe (my Mom) is a crafty genius and knit the babe a sweater (while recovering from pneumonia because she is amazing). Looksee:


After "the boys" left, my mom and I got down to some serious sewing business and made a slip cover and some bumpers for the bean's room/crib. She did all the hard parts while I sewed in a straight(ish) line. In order to keep up with my new-found talent, I am taking a sewing class this weekend.

A few days later, Fiji picked me up and up we went to NOMI (Northern Michigan for those not in the know) to visit with his family. His parents throw an annual NYE bash with 50+ of their closest friends (slash strangers to me). I was shocked (and appalled) at the number of people who asked me if this here baby growing in my tummy was planned. WTW (what the what!)?!! Um, first off, who ARE you? And secondly, SHUT YOUR FACE. People, this is why I hate you. All in all, I am already in love with TwentyTen because it's the year of the babe. Ain't nobody gonna bring me down. Also, I stayed up until midnight and kissed my hub (and tried not to cry because HI, I'm EMOTIONAL) and promptly said CIAO to the stranger dangers. And then laid in bed for 3+ hours trying to fall asleep. Those old people sure are loud! I mean, don't they need their REST?! Apparently not.

The new year has been pleasant so far. Except, you know, yesterday. I just couldn't shake the funk. We had our 32 week appointment (oh, and p.s. I'm 8 months pregs! At this point bean is basically growing chubs and moving around ALL THE TIME) and even that didn't cheer me up. Fiji made us a nice and healthy 3-course-meal with recipes from the "Feeding the Whole Family: Cooking with Whole Foods" cookbook that my parents re-gifted him for Christmas (that he is totally obsessed with) and I rejected each and every course. And then I cried. Because, why can't I like the healthy stuff!?! Maybe because the fish had a head on it! And the quinoa smelled like...quinoa? And the beets were weird! But probably mostly because I am a bitch. After he "made" me bowl of homemade granola and a clementine to appease my child-like eating habits, I wiped my tears and asked him what he would like to change about me. He laughed, rubbed my feet and replied, "Nothing." And that is why I know we are so going to rock TwentyTen. In a major, major way.

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