Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the bug...it got me

So, I'm still fighting this bug that has decided to take over my nasal passages. It's a real shit, I tell ya. I'm certainly doing much better than Sunday. Sunday was rough. (Although the day did end triumphantly with a big win--GO SAINTS!) I'm drinking loads and loads of fluids and using a vast array of essential oils and diffusing oils and taking baths and drinking tea and using the neti pot and resting. I think that' all I can really do. I rarely, if ever, take regular cold medicine anyway, so I'm not missing out on much. I've been trying to quiet the guilty feelings that have emerged because I've "allowed" my body to get sick. Throughout this entire pregnancy I've been doing all I can to stay healthy for the bean (and for myself, obvs): exercise, eat whole & natural foods, rest, de-stress, etc. Rationally, I know it's not my "fault," but I was truly hoping to avoid any illnesses with the bean growing inside of me. Is this the whole "Mommy Guilt" thing already? GEEZ.

In other news, the bests are here! They arrived last night and it's crazy to think this is their final visit before the bean's arrival and before their new journey begins as husband and wife. Yup, we've got a lot of changes a-brewing amidst our little family of four (plus one mini). We're blessed that they've been able to visit so often since they up and abandoned us for warmer weather and more sunshine about a year and a half ago. We trust that we'll all live in the same zip code (or Costa Rican villa) again someday.

And then there's the bean. That crazy little creature is growing up a storm and seems to be pushing my ribs out of the way in order to get more comfortable. Thanks beaner. Preesh. I've been enjoying our bath time together lately with lots of conversations and even some nasal-y songs. Hopefully the bean's not too picky about the musical choices. Or the voice. We'll be sure to play REAL music as well so there's no confusion as to what is good and what is mama.

Also, I've started a new tumblr blog because clearly I post so frequently here and need another outlet. But this new one is mainly to house the (mostly baby-related) stuff that I see and like or want to remember or whatnot. So if you feel like checking it out, feel free: http://clementinesandmonkeys.tumblr.com/

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