Friday, January 15, 2010

The Pineapple Bean

Week 33 has arrived and the babe is now the size of a pineapple (preferably without the pokey top parts). That seems insanely large to me, but I dig it. This pineapple child is one active baby. Sometimes the movements make me squeal and squirm with delight. It's still the most insanely awesome sensation--feeling this child move. I like to guess what babe's up to in there (it's a shoulder! it's an elbow! it's the third vertebrae!) and inform the Feej to sound very intuitive and smart-like, but really I haven't got a clue (shhhhhhh). Oddly enough, we've been eating a pineapple all week that I randomly picked up last weekend when I didn't even know about our pineapple child. Now that's talent! Or something.

In other news, I've been sleeping better lately and only getting up about once a night, which is such a welcome relief. My tum has been "compromised" for several weeks now and I can only really manage to eat small servings without feeling the "holy hell I'm going to burst" sensation. So there's that. ALSO. I may have made a new friend at our class! She and her hub weren't there last week and as soon as she walked in and sat down next to me (she loves me!), I knew we could be friends. Unfortunately, she lives in Evanston (not that there's anything wrong with that) and that's far. Fiji suggested that I convince her to move down here so we can be neighbors. I thought that might be a bit premature since I don't even know her last name. Or anything else about her besides her due date. (Pregnant White Female much?) And that she laughed at my jokes. BFF!

We tackled some tasks around the house and I'm feeling much more content with the state of affairs. Yes, we've still got loads to do. But it's not going to help if I'm a crazypantslady about it all. See--I can be rational too! Yessssssssssssss.

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