Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Resident of Crazytown (est. 1978)

Last week we had our first natural childbirth prep class and I think it went fairly well. We are the only homebirth people, so basically no one wants to be our friends. We're crazy! I was hoping that there would be some other homebirthers that we could become best friends with, but no such luck. We played some ice breaker game (tolerable), drew a (childish) picture of our vision of "birth," and watched a semi-offensive video about the evil hospitals. It appears that Fiji and I were the only ones to be offended, but we just assumed it was because we (the homebirthers) were there and people didn't want to be all "that's just CRAZY talk! You're putting your child's life at risk!" Oh, and also, the teacher made us preg ladies sit on big, birth balls and practice rotating our pelvic floor muscles. In the middle of the room. It was awk. I also had to take it upon myself to inform a father about delivering the placenta. So that was nice. I'm sure he really appreciated it slash is now even more afraid of me.

This past weekend I also took a sewing class and made a pillow. With a ZIPPER. So that happened. I'm pretty much an expert now. I also bought a book so I can make all sorts of adorable baby stuff. I'm obsessed. Sewing is the coolest!

Last night (and the night before...and maybe the night before) I kinda had a bit of a panic sesh just as we were getting into bed (at 9pm. FINE). I have been revising our "Master List: Preparing for Bean" and starting to totally freak the fuck out about not getting it all done in time. Fiji reminded me that it's just like wedding planning--it's not ALL going to get done, but we'll prioritize and get the big stuff done and it will be great and yada yada. He's so RATIONAL. GAH. Well, apparently that's not good enough for me. I have a compulsive desire to get EVERYTHING POSSIBLE DONE that we have EVER wanted to get done. It's weird, but it's my life. It's just, I get tired at night after making dinner (or just eating dinner, to be honest) and being productive at night just isn't my thing. And Fiji's going to be out of town for the next THREE weekends (kind of) and when is this all going to GET DONE?! Answer me that! I tried to calm down, but started crying instead. Clearly that exhausted the already tired pregs and I passed out. The end. BYE.

p.s. Here's my awesome handiwork. You love it!

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