Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cantaloupes and Things

Babe's weighing in at 4 3/4 lbs this week and about 18" long--about the size of a cantaloupe, which seemed quite large until one of my friends mentioned that she weighed less than that at birth (6 weeks premature). Um, whoa.

In other news, my Mom's in town--yip! We've been eating late lunches and drinking chai tea and taking afternoon rests (her) and finishing up the slip cover for the bean's chair (her) and fighting off a minor sore throat (me). It's the first time I've been sorta sick this entire pregnancy, so I'm trying to be thankful for that. Plus, I keep telling myself that maybe my body is just storing up special immunities for the babe. Which is slightly comforting. My mom also came with me to the midwife appointment today and got to feel the babe's head (still down) and hear the heartbeat (140s). That just doesn't get old.

Tomorrow my project is to make the crib skirt. Apparently one cannot simply buy a plain old crib skirt in a solid color. It must be covered with cartoons or hearts or animals or trucks or ladybugs. Who knew? I may also end up making the crib sheets because I haven't been able to find the color I want. Because clearly that's incredibly important. In fact, my obsession with the babe's room is all pretty ridic since the beaner will most likely be sleeping with us anyway. But I've been all excited about making a special little place, even if we just end up changing diapers in there for a while.

Speaking of diapers, I'm doing my best to get as well-informed about cloth diapering as possible. We're still debating whether to start right out the gate or to hold off for the first couple of months. Fiji seems to think that we should just go for it. He also thinks that he's going to be able to "work from home" while watching the babe when I'm at the office. This should be interesting. And by interesting, I mean hilarious. Or maybe I mean exhausting. I guess I don't know what I mean because I've NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE. We're probably both going to be shocked. Or pleasantly surprised. Either way, there's no doubt that we're already smitten kittens.

p.s. I learned two important lessons this week:
1. Dish soap is not at all the same as dishwashing detergent. Holy hell does that create a lot of bubbles. We're talking BUBBLES. Bubbles and completely unnecessary tears.
2. Do not attempt to put a new dust ruffle/bed skirt on your king-size bed all by your pregnant self. Again with the totally unnecessary tears.

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  1. I am still sometimes going through 2 diapers at one changing..the poops are just non-stop. I say this for two reasons, thats a LOT of laundry and thats a LOT of dipes in the landfill;) Maybe you should come over for a diaper tutorial soon and I can unload some diapers on you!