Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Strong Beats

On Monday we heard the baby's heartbeat. HEART. BEAT. I still find it hard to comprehend the fact that there are two hearts beating inside of me. Take a moment and consider that for me, why dontcha. So, yeah...Amazing. Mine sounded all slow and trippy while baby's was fast and strong. We met with a new midwife this time (the one who delivered Mr. G, the son of one of my bff's) and she rocked. She's pregnant herself and that just makes me trust her even more. She even said I could continue to workout as much as I want and as hard as I want and instead of restricting what I do, I just need to listen to my body. I can do that.

I'm back and forth debating whether or not I've started showing. But I think it's just what they call being "bloated." Which is nice. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that the feej hasn't been making me smoothies for the past few days (hint hint HUB) and instead I've been eating a bowl and a half of (generic) frosted mini wheats for breakfast. I'm in love. But I'm guessing I should get back on the healthy morning option instead.

The neighbor twins have started saying "baby" all the time--completely without my influence--and I find myself loving the sound of that little word like I never imagined. Baby baby baby. Yup, we're having a baby.

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