Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life gives you limes...make (virgin) margaritas!

So, today is the day I can "officially" tell peeps that I'm pregnant. 12 weeks. Technically, the second tri (I'm really into brevity. And nicknames), doesn't start until week 13, but let's just get after this, shall we? I honestly could not imagine waiting that long to actually tell my closest friends and family (and some strangers. DEWAI). I mean, how do people do that??! Clearly I haven't changed my facebook status to inform all my super tight FB friends (and frenemies) yet, but I haven't had a FB status update since Obama was elected. So you can make assumptions about the probability of that on your own. I'm sure you've got lots of free to make some pie charts and bar graphs. Let me know how that plays out.

So yeah. 12 weeks. The bean is a lime! Virgin margaritas anyone?? Speaking of margaritas (kinda), last night my Daddo was in town to see Rob Bell (the pastor at their church and an author with whom he works) speak (perform?) at the Congress Theatre. The actual talk was great despite the boxes of stinky soap (I am a self-diagnosed highly sensitive person (HSP) slash my mom told me I was. Plus, I'm pregnant (not sure if I mentioned that) and my highly sensitive nose is even more highly sensitive. Which is nice) at the ends of the aisle that were then passed around. And apparently we were supposed to sculpt something. Or something. Anyway, the label said: "Not edible! If ingested, contact emergency poison control services immediately." Um, okay? That sounds safe to PASS AROUND to a large group of people. No, really. It was great. What was NOT so great was the fact that they had just recently torn out all the regular seats for the regular people and instead replaced them with super comfy FOLDING CHAIRS. Where we sat for like 2 hours or so. Plus, they decided to turn off the AC because I'm not sure if you're aware, but it's not hot in Chicago in August. AT ALL. We don't need no stinking AC. We were practically baking in there. I mean, the talk was about suffering and all, but COME ON people. Help some christians OUT. Oh yeah, the margarita connection--they were serving alcohol! I mean, not that I had any. But other non-pregs people did! Beer and cocktails at a CHURCH event! So that was cool.

In other news, limey and I are off to class in a few. Jealous? I hoping they all clap again. We're such rock stars! Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

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