Friday, August 7, 2009


Week 10 has arrived and the bean is the size of a kumquat. Kumquats are the coolest! It could totally kick that quarter's ass. FINE. I'm so enjoying the fruits/veggies/nuts used to describe the size of the fetus. It's fun.

I'm starting to feel less and less nauseous (WIN), although the tiredness and fatigue has not yet started to subside (FAIL). As in, I could probably close my office door and take a nice nappy right this very moment on my desk. Also, the sweet cravings have definitely arrived. Not that I didn't enjoy sweet treats before, but now they seem much more of a necessity and less of a special indulgence. And of course Fiji won't let me have any CHEMICALS or anything. I think he spent 20 minutes reading the ingredients of various soyscreams before settling on the world's most boring sweet treat ever (EVER): vanilla bean. (No offense vanilla bean, but you just aren't cutting it without any special chocolate sauce on top.) I mean, it was made of coconut milk, which is delicious. But I requested anything with chocolate. And, I'm not sure if you are aware, but there is absolutely NO chocolate in vanilla. None. I know it's for my own (and kumquat's) good, but still. Throw me a bone every once in a while, ALRIGHT.

I shared the news with my professor yesterday before class and she then basically forced me to tell the rest of the group. Nice. When she was wrapping up class she said (while looking directly at me), "Does anyone else have any NEWS to share???!!" I was starting to look around at my classmates and shake my head, somehow missing the blatant cue. And then she winked. Which somehow put me over the edge, so I complied. And then the class CLAPPED...which was fun. So that happened.

As I waited for the train to head home, I was entertained by a trio of young boys lip-syncing and dancing to classic Michael Jackson on their old-school boombox. Classic. They appeared to be brothers (the youngest even sporting a faux-hawk and chuck taylors) who must practice a lot and apparently choreograph their own sweet moves. I saw them a couple of weeks ago dressed in white button-downs and slacks groovin' to Mo-town. I was more impressed with their Thriller performance. Um, why am I talking about this? IDK. I guess because it made me smile (I even clapped! Outloud!) it got me excited to share and experience the ever-present creative Chicago energy with this little babe.

p.s. Could I BE anymore BORING today or WHAT?!

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