Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tilly and the beanSSS

Well, just one "S."

That's right folks, there is another bean on the way! Probably a pinto bean since I have been craving Mexican food since pretty much day 1. Even when I could barely eat a thing, I wanted tacos, burritos, salsa, etc. etc. And I still do. Actually, that's not all that different from regular old life. But anyway.

The details!
I'm just about 17 weeks along (tomorrow), so the expected arrival is sometime the first week of December. I think it's pretty cool that the babe will have a 12/12 birthday of sorts. I like symmetry. This time the first trimester completely, fully, and wholly beat my ass. On a daily basis. I was a total mess. I mean, I know it could've been way worse, but apparently I'm much wimpier than I thought because I was kinda miserable. Even though I wasn't actually getting sick, I just felt tired and listless and nauseous and just plain yuck for like 5 weeks straight. I had some up moments, but overall I had the sickness. But no worries--I'm back to normal now! I eat, I exercise, I leave the house, I talk to people. You know, normal healthy people things.

Because this pregnancy is so different that with Millie, we are forced to speculate that it's a boy. You know with all the boy hormones and boy parts and stuff. But, as you may recall, I also thought that Millie was a boy and we all know how wrong I was about that. So who knows! We won't know until the little tito makes his/her grand entrance.

I have been jotting little notes when I remember to, but clearly not as detailed as the first time around. Oh! And another MAJOR difference is that I'm basically showing. Already. I mean, not really but kinda. There is definitely a belly poking out. I'm patiently (or not-so-patiently) waiting for it to round out and look like a pregnant belly bump instead of a fatty watermelon pouch. But I basically look now at 4+ months how I looked with Mills at 6+months. So there that is.

My notes (no pressure to read this...mostly for my own crazy self):

-found out that baby was growing!
-felt mostly normal
-metal taste in mouth one day
-just knew
-took preg test--negative--but took it too early
-took another test--POSITIVE

-sleepy in the middle of the day
-a bit of food aversion (make something awesome but can only eat two/three bites)
-slight boob tenderness
-kinda scared to lose you but trying to trust/have faith
-decided to wait to tell people (even family) until we hear heart beat
-zumba was HARD
-started running again

-suuuuuper sleepy (especially in the middle of the day)
-tender breasts (most days and in the middle of the night)
-hard to eat during the day but breakfast and dinner seem ok mostly
-wanting dessert

-sick sick sick sick--all day nauseous!
-forcing food down
-random food cravings (bbq potato chips, ice cream, root beer)
-no exercise (boo)
-and yes, boobs still tender

-saw baby and heart beat!!
-measuring 7w5d which is great
-169 hb
-still have the sickness
-midwife said 8w is the peak of sickness

-still feeling sick and no energy
-starting to eat more regular stuff
-sleeping pretty well
-met with new home birth midwife but it was too early to hear hb with doppler
-trying to eat a little something frequently
-trying to eat something if/when wake up in night...apples are SAVING ME
-days straight on couch
-NO energy
-dinner party for BJN birthday! Made everything from scratch! Didn't pass out!
-went to Montessori gala and then HISB at crawfish fest--worn out all Sunday but still made it to the beach

-starting to feel better!
-eating meals, lots of fruit
-more energy but still no real exercise
-really want to be eating better for this baby
-mother's day weekend--B is doing ALL meals and ALL bedtimes!

-still not feeling that great but starting to eat more normal
-get starving and HAVE TO EAT immediately
-going on walks/bike rides
-morning smoothies are back!

-prenatal yoga! completely wiped me out afterward
-have gained 1lb
-eating normally--salads and smoothies and even fish tacos!
-friends visited for Memorial Day weekend!
-still having certain cravings
-lots of apples, fruit, iced decaf  coffees (obsessed)
-feeling almost back to normal--YAY

-exercising full on again!
-eating normal!
-more energy but still liking to try to nap or at least lie down in the afternoon while M naps
-worked all week long at MSP

-second tri!
-feeling normal, eating normal, exercising normal (pilates, yoga, cardio)
-B went to Chicago--just me and Mills
-had a rough weekend solo--torrential downpours trapped us at home
-think I might be starting to feel some baby flutters but not sure

-worked out 5x!
-first time for sure baby kicks: 15w3d
-went to a super fun party and stayed out late and even had few sips of wine spritzer
-feeling good
-weird peeing maybe because of my tilted ute
-craving lettuce! and veg!
-eating a LOT it seems but prob not too much...just in comparison
-bought maternity clothes because I NEED them
-belly growing quicker
-3 lbs gained so far
-tired but sleeping is restless at times and peeing lots in the night

-still eating, working out, feeling normal
-peeing less in the night but allergies act up in the middle of the night...no bueno
-preparing for our big road trip to MI/Chi
-took M to the local pool
-potty training! (deserves it's own post)
-feeling large--nothing fits or looks good
-big storm supposed to be on its way but it never really comes

And we're up to date!

And a couple pictures (like the only ones I've taken in the past 4 months) of Millie for good measure:

 And yes, apparently I am still obsessed with stripes.

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