Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Or 23 months. If we were still counting in months. But we're NOT. So, at two plus one month Millie is quite the character. We've had so many changes and transitions and adjustments and new things going on in our lives lately. In her life.

She started "school" a few weeks ago {first day of school pic above}. As in, I drop her off and she stays there by herself. Without me. For 3 1/2 hours. Two times a week. I wouldn't say it's been "traumatic," but it kinda has. For me. She seems okay with it. Although last week she said she didn't want to go both mornings {Home! No school!} and cried when we got to the parking lot and was a little weepy when I left. But this morning? She waved goodbye. So I'm pretty sure she's transitioning well. Me on the other hand...I'm a bit of a mess without her! I feel guilty about leaving her. And I miss my errand buddy. I mean, she's only TWO. She's still a baby! But not really. Because she's getting so big and independent and even pooping on the toilet {occasionally}. She is fairly quiet at school I hear. That comes as no surprise, although I'm sure as she gets more and more comfortable with her teachers {she actually said iloveyoubye to Miss Amy last time} she will be more of her usual chatty-mcgee-self. Because at home there is a constant dialogue. It's like she is our own personal home reporter.

Some favorite phrases {that she's said today}:
-Mix it up
-Mama, tea party?
-My dress/shirt/hat/shoes... wearing it
-bean box!
-waking up!
-beans and rice
-mama do it/i/millie do it
-all done with this
-there it is!
-pizza! {for breakfast}
-yelp {milk}
-tutu-wawa {coconut water}
-when asked what her name is: "Amia"
-when asked how old she is: "two" while holding up two, maybe three fingers
-ABC's! {she can recognize most letters correctly and loves to sing the song}
-other shoe, get it
-mommy's phone, get it
-banket {blanket}--she says this in the middle of the night {grr!}
-she tries to sing "You are my sunshine" along with me and asks for it at bedtime {and sings it to her animal friends when she puts them to "night night"}
-goodnight mama/daddyO
-HIDING! {she loves to hide}
-peetabo {peekaboo}
-more wawa peese
-millie's helmet
-go fast
-millie's sleeping
-yucky...trash...throw it in trash
-watch elmo {rarely happens}
-i see you
-elmo walk {she likes to put him in her baby stroller and take him for a walk around the neighborhood. it takes FOREVER. good times.}
-she sings Happy Birthday Amia ALL DAY LONG.
-No _______!
-she can count to 13 {it usually goes 3,4,5,7,8,9,12,13}
-where subie go? see jeep?
-move the chair
-tink you {thank you}
-mooey chair/phone/cracker/cheese/wawa/etc. {millie's chair}
-etc. etc

As you can see, there is a lot of communication going on these days and I like it. Although, you know, she's two. So we still have a lot of meltdowns and a lot of acting out. I have to keep her nails short. But we're growing and learning and adapting and changing. All of us.

We also love love love the beach in this house. ALL of us. She asks to go to the beach ALL THE TIME. In fact, she asked when she woke up this morning. It was raining. But she loves to play in the sand and we are forced to fill buckets the whole time we are there. So she can dump them out. Or rinse off her hands in them. But mainly so she can dump them out. Immediately. More good times! We went to the beach on the bay side this weekend where it's calm and warmer and she can basically walk in. It stays shallow for quite a ways--so thrilling for her. She likes to chase the tide. And be chased by it. She likes to go fast and play rough and be tossed around. It's fun.

She loves to shake her little hips. Like this:

And some other stats:

-22 lbs {still a lightweight}
-18-24 or 24 month clothes
-sleeps 7ish-7ish but has been waking up lately asking for blankets {I'm trying to teach her how to pull them up herself.}
-she sleeps with at least three blankets {if you may have forgotten, we live in Florida and she wakes up SWEATY but she likes it so who knows}
-still hates to have her washed
-loves to be outside {OUTSIIIIIIIDE}
-has cuuuuuuurly brown hair and BIG brown eyes {my family genes dominate!}
-has a shockingly good sense of direction
-stopped sleeping with a "seep-sap" this month--wasn't as big of a deal as we thought but now we have the blanket issue...so, hmm.
-still a great {and healthy} eater despite what the scale says
-obsessed with "gasses" or "sunnies" {I probably haven't helped the cause since she owns 5 pairs}
-she loves big kids, especially all of her 6 cousins {but she's not the youngest anymore!}, and got to see all of them this past month

All in all, she's a spunky silly strong smart adorable shy assertive funny social special little girl. I think we'll keep her.

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