Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"I'm two."

Ever since she turned two, Millie can tell me/you/anyone who cares that she's two years old. And sometimes she will tell you that she will be three. You know, next year. She can basically carry on a conversation and understands mostly everything we are talking about (Bradley and I do a lot of spelling these days). But she does not perform-on-demand...she speaks when she chooses. Otherwise she's a mute. She tells stories (that I can usually grasp) and makes up songs (or asks me to) and imagines her own little world. Where she is the boss, of course. 

She's started to wear big girl underwear and (mostly) uses the toilet. It's pretty incredible. And also can be incredibly frustrating. It probably was not the smartest idea to start the training one week before our Michigan/Chicago adventures. We're getting there. "I hafta pee" is the newest bedtime delay tactic. But we are so proud of her. And she is proud of herself, which is the most important part.

She is silly and persistent and reserved and wild and has a mind ALLLL her own. She has hair, too. Which is also wild. She likes to play with her tea set, color, play with her bean bin, go to the beach, swim, paint, look at pictures on my phone (mostly of herself), take care of her babies, go for bike rides, read books, play pianos, play cars, eat baked goods, play hide-and-seek, dress and undress her babies and put them to sleep, eat snacks, go for walks to the park, "stay home," run errands, stand on chairs/couches/stools, see what we're doing, walk up and down stairs solo, exclaim, "I DO IT," smell oils, drink out of a big glass, brush hair, sing happy birthday (still), talk about being a big sister (and tell me that there is a baby growing in HER belly too), get m&m's for doing her business, fill containers, jump on beds, pick out her own clothes, carry her bag, etc. 

Some of her favorite phrases include: where you going, what you doing, DO IT, five more minutes, one more blanket (STILL), my _____ hurts, I'm running!, I need my mama (when I am RIGHT THERE), Millie's turn, I wake up!, salt water, I like this, I be right back (usually said quietly with a finger up), I wanna play something, help me, I NEED that, daddyO (still going strong), that's so silly, and so much more. 

She's my favorite and I tell her all the time. You know, when I'm not about to pull my hair out. But she really is my favorite thing. My buddy. My sweet. She knows what she wants and when she wants it and tries with all her might to get it. She is persistent and thoughtful and funny and serious and gives the absolute best hugs around.

I've been absolutely horrible about taking pictures with my real camera lately, so these iPhone pics will have to do. These are from our recent trips in Michigan. Good times, Great Lakes.

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