Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Toddler Bus

So, remember that time when I was all, "15 months is AWE to the SOME!" And, "Millie is the coolest kid in town!" Yeah, about that. I'm pretty sure she's been reading my blog (genius!) and wanted to prove me wrong or something because HOLY HELL this past week has been ROUGH. And yes, the CAPS are necessary. All of them.

The tantrums? They've multiplied. The shrieking? It's out of control. The rambunctiousness? The recklessness? The wildness? Yes, yes, and YES. We've got it all. She knows what she wants and she wants it RIGHT NOW. And when she doesn't get it right away she is not at all shy about sharing her, um, extreme displeasure with the world. Or the Whole Foods shoppers. Or the innocent bystanders at the park. Or on the street. Or the kids and moms at playgroup. Or, IDK, ANYONE. (Yes, that includes you.)

As I've read and heard, 15-18 months can be tough. (I can now verify that it indeed IS tough. So far.) They have so many emotions and feelings and desires and want to communicate them but they don't yet have the ability to do so. I guess I would be pissed too. I mean, I get peeved when the boy doesn't respond to my question within 2.2 seconds. I get it. (Kinda.) But whoa man, I feel like I've been hit by a bus. And actually, I kind of have. In the form of a 15-month-old rowdy ball of energy and opinions. I guess this wasn't the week to quit drinking.

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