Thursday, August 11, 2011

16-17 monthers

Whoops. Kinda fell off the TATB wagon there for a bit. Life has been busy. And challenging. (Not all because of the Millster, but yeah, she's been a handful.) There's been plenty of decision-making and mind-changing and big life moments going on around here. Also, surgery, illness, and general anxiety. GOOD TIMES. No but really. We've also had a sunny summer on the roof and with friends and family and it hasn't been all sob story. Just a healthy mix.

ANYWAY. The bean is now 17 months old. That's almost a year and a half. Which is close to two. Which is blowing my mind. She is a real live kid person. And a spunky one at that. Strangers (on the street) like to inform me that she's got a lot of personality. Yeah, you THINK?! Honestly, it makes me proud. She stands out. All 2 1/2 feet tall and 20 lbs of her. (Guestimating on those stats, btw.)

She's starting to mimic more and more of what we say (guess we really need to reign in those f-bombs and s-hits). She does countless things to make me laugh each day. Examples: she gives me this look when she is disappointed in what I'm doing/asking her to do/not doing {wonder where she got THAT from}; she feeds herself {successfully and unsuccessfully--I'm learning to get over the mess}; she puts away her toys {sometimes} without even being asked; she puts on her own hats {haphazardly, which makes it all the more cute}; when she's mad she crosses her arms and holds them there {...}; she plays jokes on us/tries to startle or surprise us; she loves to play chase; she helps me do laundry; she waves bye-bye to the potty when I flush the toilet; she carries her baby everywhere; it's 7:49am and she's still sleeping; she likes cheese {extra sharp cheddar--the pricey kind}; she smiles at bigger boys; she loves the garden and picks her own {not-always-ripe} berries; she runs to the bath when I ask if she wants one; she runs to her room when I ask if she's ready to go night-night or read stories; she can point to all the animals in Brown Bear, Brown Bear; she stacks blocks and loves to read; she enjoys her alone time--playing in her room for extended periods of time by herself; she calls every moving vehicle a
"trac-terrrr;" she loves being outside, especially on the roof; she still says "cheese" when I take her picture {which is a LOT}; she loves dogs; she likes to climb up slides and slide down backwards; she fills buckets with water to drink or pour on herself; push around her baby in her {borrowed} baby stroller; etc. etc. etc.

She's also been called a bully by the gym daycare attendant. That was not fun/easy/cool to hear. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. She is not very good at sharing her toys. Not very good at all. As soon as one of her friends touches anything she immediately takes it away as if she was JUST about to play with that exact toy. It's embarrassing. But normal. I know. But it doesn't make it any easier. She's always been assertive, so I don't know why I'm surprised in the slightest. She swats our faces and yells. She pulls my hair. I have a hard time not laughing. I'm trying. She doesn't listen when I ask her to come inside from the car/garage/elevator/hallway. She finds in hilarious. She picks live flowers/pulls unripe tomatoes/peppers after she sees me deadheading/harvesting. I can't get angry at her for that. She's also getting her 4 i-teeth basically simultaneously. That's gotta hurt. The two top and one bottom have already poked through and the 4th and final one is bulging. It's going to be a happy day when the teething mission is complete.

She is my best buddy these days. We have daily adventures together. And I can't think of a cuter mini best to accompany me each day.

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  1. love love love you both. just want you to know I'm reading!