Thursday, June 9, 2011

Additional Stuff to Brag About

After I posted yesterday I was like, OH! And she does this cool thing. And that's pretty awesome too. So I figured it best to write it down when the writing's being written. Or something.

Other Stuff That Makes Millie Cool:
  • She helps me get her out of the car seat (usually by switching the snack trap/toy/sippy from one hand to the other) while taking off (or putting on) the straps. Remarkably this is a huge help.
  • When I say, "arms up" she does as asked and therefore makes getting her dressed/undressed easier.
  • She cleans the floor/table/fireplace/etc with a towel/cloth/coaster/etc. Clearly she's seen me doing that a time or two (MILLION).
  • She waits by the door for Daddy to come home and then runs to hug him. I DIE of cute.
  • She drags around reusable bags and loads them with random stuff.
  • She waves hello and goodbye and blows kisses.
  • If she sees me across the room, she excitedly points at me. And then I point back at her. And it's fun.
  • She's handled the one-nap-transition like a champ (KNOCKS ON WOOD).
  • She likes to play by herself.
  • She hides things under seat cushions. (Hmmm...brag-worthy?)
  • She likes to sit on small perches.
  • She's climbing stairs like a big girl. And sometimes even by herself. WHAT.
  • She fills up buckets with water. (That's some sort of skill, right?)
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd I think that's it. (For now.)

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