Monday, June 6, 2011

15 months

I honestly cannot believe that Amelia is 15 months old. It's just so, IDK... OLD. She's a real kid. Well, a toddler. But still. She's a tiny person with her very own likes, dislikes, desires, and dreams. And those dreams are big, I can already tell.

She does so much fun stuff these days and is honest to goodness fun to be around. I mean, I like hanging out with her. For serious! She's my little pal.

Some of the cool stuff she does:
  • Signs: more, please, all done, thank you, eat, banana, claps, points to get down, etc.
  • Talks: Mama, Dada, snack, cheese, teeth, hot, etc. (Lots of other chit-chatting going on as well but your guess is as good as mine)
  • Points: to her nose, mouth, teeth, eyes, ears, toes, belly button, and then those spots on others (she is obsessed with noses for some reason--so watch out!)
  • Nods her head (it's adorb-to-the-max)
  • Sleeps: 7-7 (give or take) and we're in the midst of transitioning to one nap (1-3pm)
  • Accessorizes: This is has been going on for months, but the girl likes her accessories and will make anything a purse, bracelet, or necklace
  • Eats: Since we just finished our nursing routine when she turned 15 months (TEAR), she's been drinking more milk (we're trying to transition to raw) and eating more foods. She's still what I would call a light eater, but she eats and she eats a variety. Her favorites: banana (holding the whole dang thing herself), smoothies, cheese, edamame, yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, popsicles (although she gets brain freeze and cries), frozen veggies (green beans are her fave), fresh corn, avocado (she will eat a half at lunch), oatmeal, cheerios, and couscous. I'm starting to research new recipes for her to try as she seems to get "sick" of having the same things over and over.
  • Animal sounds: To Millie, most animals say, "ooo, oooh." But lions and bears growl. And birds do a higher pitched "oooh, oooh."
  • Outside: The girl loves being outside. A lot. As soon as she wakes up in the morning (or from her nap), she finds her shoes (pink crocs are her favorite ones at the moment) and brings them to me (while loudly doing her grunt thing "EHH! EHH!"). And then she brings me my own shoes. (Thank God summer is finally here!) When I ask if she wants to go to the park, she nods her head emphatically and runs to the door. She loves to watch the kids at the park and get in the mix. She's even started going down the slide all by herself--HEAD FIRST. She likes adventuring, that's for sure. She tears around the park yelling her head off. Sometimes she falls down. But she rarely cries. She's a tough cookie, my Bunny McGee.
  • Kissing: The girl is a serious kissing fanatic. I LOVE IT. The kisses are closed-mouth (thankfully) and smack-dab on the lips. And her hugs! Her hugs are as tight as tight can be.
  • Friends: She's got a few mini bests and gets extremely excited when she sees them. She points and smiles and likes to get right up in their faces (personal space much?) And then she does this crouch head-tilt thing. It's the cutest. I love that she loves to be with people. It makes play dates and the gym daycare even more enjoyable for both of us.
  • Toys: Balls are becoming a big hit around here. As is any type of pull-toy. If it has a string/cord/whathaveyou, she'll be pulling it behind her. She spent a lot of time pushing Lola's baby doll around in a stroller, so I'm thinking she might need one of her own.
  • Books: She is really getting into books lately (woohoo!) and loves to be read to. She'll grab some books from the bin and then back into your lap. Darlingness. Speaking of, she loves to walk backwards. Also, the sidestep. Guess she needed a challenge? Who knows.
  • Other stuff she loves: playing with daddy, riding the elevator and pressing the alarm button, talking on the phone, smelling flowers (real or just images), pointing at birds, planes, and other sky noises, taking pictures with her toy camera (while saying "chheeeeeeese"), bubbles, coloring (slash eating crayons), singing, dancing, patting backs, exploring, playing with tea bags, opening and closing containers, guzzling water, carrying around her snack trap, being chased, jumping on the couch, reading books in her crib, slapping her crib, being naked, doing the itsy-bitsy-spider (and even some of the hand motions) and oh so much more.
  • Fits: Lest you think we live in some perfect toddler bubble, we don't. The fits, they've begun. I usually just let her get it out of her system and move on. It's mostly frustrating because I don't always know what she wants/needs. And sometimes even when I do, I don't just want to give in...and this is just the beginning. Oh, and there is a LOT of crying when something is taken away. AlotAlot. It isn't pretty. BUT! It's normal. So we got that going fo us. WHEW!

She is such a trip. I can't imagine my life without her. She makes me laugh every single day. I am so very thankful for my sweet, charming, silly, affectionate, head-strong 15 month old buddy.

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