Wednesday, May 11, 2011


14 months is a fun amount of months. There's running, there's laughing, there's sleeping (still through the night), there's napping (still two), there's eating off our plates (when she feels like it), there's feeding herself with spoons/forks, there's sign language (she's added "please" and thank you" to her repertoire), there are a couple of new words (most notably "nack" for snack), there's clapping, there's funny-face-making, there's lots of hugs and kisses, there's head-shaking and nodding, there's accessorizing, there's snuggling, there's swinging, there's sliding, there's reading, there's pointing, there's playing chase, there's pretending, there's dancing, there's snack-eating, there's identifying body parts (on herself and us), there's taking things out (of drawers, cabinets, bins) and putting things away (and shockingly usually where they belong), there's helping me get her dressed and undressed, there's picking of outfits, there's phone talking, there's lots of interesting (gibberish-filled) conversations, there's silly-goofing, there's back-patting, there's leg-hugging, there's delight, there's helping daddy with projects, there's outings with friends, there's baths, there's getting down off the couch by herself, there's stair-climbing, there's taking the time to smell the flowers. And above all, there's lots and lots of love.

There's also fit-throwing (especially when something is taken away), mouth pulling (more teeth are on the horizon), face "hitting," limit-testing, food-throwing, screeching during diaper changes, object-banging, yelling, paper-tearing, toy-stealing, technological-obsessing, among other non-desirables.

But, holy wow, I love her so.

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