Friday, April 8, 2011

13 monthers

Dear Little,

You are now 13 months old (and some change). You are a walking pro. In fact, you almost run. You certainly still fall down, but you usually get right back up all by yourself. You love accessories. Really, really love a lot. Necklaces, bracelets, headbands, purses, etc. You even use other clothes as makeshift necklaces and headbands. You carry objects around the house and put them in random places. You open and close drawers and cabinets, inspecting them and removing whatever you believe doesn't belong. Nothing is safe from your little hands anymore. Especially things on the edge of tables. Your reach up on your tippy-toes to grab and investigate. You are a very busy and curious girl.

The other day I took you to the story time at our local library. Instead of sitting on my lap and listening to the stories and songs like the other children, you bopped around the room doing your own thing. Often you'd carry a book to another family and plop down next to them, insisting they read to you. Other times you'd put your hand on someone's shoulder and peek around and stare into their eyes. Or sit way too close. Like on their leg. Apparently you are not shy.

You'll wave hello and goodbye when I ask and I love it. People love it too. You also blow kisses and give sweet kisses on the lips as well. No more big sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. You are a lady--a tight-lipped little lady. You give great hugs too. Tight ones. And you like to pat our backs as we hold you. When we get up from naps or in the morning you hug us close and rest your head on our shoulders. I'm pretty sure this is why daddy leaves for work later than ever before. He likes to get you in the morning. (I don't blame him.)

Eating is still our biggest "issue" with you. You are one particular little person. One days favorite food is the most despised the next. Some stuff you will usually eat no problem include: yogurt with preserves, frozen veggies, avocado, banana, clementines, raisins (especially yogurt covered ones), smoothie, mini whole wheat waffles, edamame, scrambled eggs, and some others. You used to LOVE oatmeal and banana and eat it without fail every morning but lately you are SO over that. That must only be for babies and you're a big girl now. TEAR. Just kidding. I love that you are growing up but I kinda hate it too. You're still nursing four times a day but I'm hoping to start to wean you off a few of those. I'm torn. I love that special time with you, but I'd also like some time to "myself" before we even consider giving you a brother or sister. What a great big sissy you'll be. (You have recently started carrying around your baby doll that Bebe got you and go and get her when I ask where your baby is.)

One of our closest friends just had a precious baby boy the other day and I held him last night and almost cried. I can't believe that you were ever that tiny. And you were! And now. Well, now you're walking and talking and feeding yourself (if you want to), and have SO much personality it most definitely could not be contained in a teeny weeny baby body. Don't get me wrong, you're still pretty teeny for a person. But there is just so much going on inside your head and inside your body and I adore watching you figure things out. You're smart. Very smart.

Oh! And you love to dance. I mean, LOVE to dance. You even dance to the blender. Seriously. You wave your hands in the air and shake your booty and even started this new feet shuffle move. I die of cuteness. You also do this sing/hum thing whenever I start to sing and sometimes out of nowhere. Please don't ever stop singing and dancing.

You still mostly say dada and mama but also started saying hot which sounds like "haaaa?" It's always a question. (IDK.) You also say OH! And UH! (For uh-oh.) You say "nigh nigh" and wave goodnight to daddy. You point and say what I take to be "this?" As if you're asking what (everything) is...I happily oblige. You shake your head vigorously when you don't want something or when I tell you no. You sign milk, eat, night

You carry around your sippy cups (one of milk, which thankfully you like, and one of water) in one hand. Double-fisting in your own special way. You love to be chased and still love peek-a-boo. You are very good at playing independently for the most part. Unless I'm on the computer. You hate when I'm on the computer and whine at my feet until I pick you up so that you can pound on the keys.

Speaking of're a whiner, I'm sorry to admit. You whine when you don't get your way or when I take something away from you. Especially my phone. You are obsessed with my phone and walk around the house just chatting away. You love to get into the recycling. And the tupperware drawer still. You bang things together in your one-lady-band. You love to push buttons in elevators and still love pushing buttons on remotes. If we let you, you turn up the music unbearably loud and cry because it is too loud. Or you'll just flip through each radio station at lightening fast speed. Apparently those are your favorite buttons to push.

You like to help daddy work on projects. You want to be where the action is. IN the action. You're starting to help me get you dressed or undressed and even strapped into the car seat. So thanks for that.

You're a good errand runner and don't mind riding with me in the car as long as you've got your drinks and snacks. You love snacks. You also love to shake your snack trap like it's a tambourine and inevitably toss snacks all around the car. So, yeah. That's awesome.

You're my most favorite little buddy there ever was.


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  1. What a wonderful record-keeping mommy! Be sure to keep these posts safe on old-fashioned paper, just in case. It's great to see you combine your knack for words with your heart for Bunny! I love you with the same mother-love you have for your "little"!