Tuesday, March 29, 2011

twelve equals one

Twelve whole months old.

This was quite an exciting month for the bean. She spent most of it a foreign country and hanging in Caribbean. Lucky little.

She started communicating (mostly via sign language), traveled by bus (and plane and van and cab), started solo standing, swam in the sea, played in the sand, ate sand, ate fresh fruit, was loved, wore flip flops (hated it), wore nothing, made friends, went to bars, slept on the beach, saw monkeys, danced (a lot), sang (slash hummed), nursed in the sea (and on the beach and in bars, airplanes, buses, cars, and every other place you can imagine), played cards, cried, chewed on dominoes, took morning walks to the beach, chilled in hammocks, helped daddy work, floated, explored, experienced life and lived.

Happy month Amelia Lee. I hope you had as much fun adventuring as we did.

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