Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Prenatal YogaBitch

I had a great yoga session today. And yes, despite my title, I'm being completely serious. As we were practicing our breathing at the end (I forget what it's called, Manyasa?), I really started envisioning my labor and breathing like the ocean (is this getting too deep?) and letting the breath sorta flow in and out of me and even my breathing started sounding like the waves crashing. (That may or may not have been because my ear was crushed up against my arm, kinda like a seashell.) And whoa, I just reread what I have written so far and I'm scared. Of myself. Anyway, it was nice.

BUT then! Then! At the end of class we were briefly talking about our due dates and such and the other lady in my class is due on Christmas and was complaining about her daughter's potential birthday and her friends not being around for her party, and how she's probably going to hate it. And I was all (high from all that oxygen), "but maybe she'll love it and I'm sure it will be special no matter what." Which, whatever, sometimes I just should opt to NOT talk. But still. I was just trying to be KIND and POSITIVE. And then basically she goes, "Well, the month of March (which we had JUST discussed is when MY child is due) is like the WORST month around here." I just stood there somewhat stunned at her comment as she walked out of the studio. Um, uncalled for much?! WTF. I'm not getting upset about it or anything* because, let's be honest, March in Chicago isn't like the best weather or anything. But the odds are somewhat stacked against us here when winter lasts about 8 months or so. Good thing we don't plan to live in Chicago forever. BUT. Even if we did, SHUT YOUR FACE LADY.

*unless wanting to punch someone in the neck counts as "getting upset about it," because in that case...maybe just a smidge.

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