Thursday, December 17, 2009


We had our 29 week appointment last night and all is well. Babe's heartbeat is right around 140 and I'm measuring right on time too. Go bean. I also had my gestational diabetes test which meant that I had to fast all afternoon and then drink a rather large bottle of peach nectar (for the high-sucrose content) 45 minutes prior to my meeting and then get my blood drawn. It was my "lucky" day as there was a midwife-in-training in our meeting and she got to PRACTICE drawing blood. On ME. For her FIRST time. Isn't that nice? She declined the opportunity at first (which I fully and openly supported since she looked SCARED), but apparently I have "perfect veins"--lucky for her I always said no to all those intravenous drug offers, huh--and me and my perfect veins (I just had to mention that again) were too good to pass up. All in all, pretty painless. Then Fiji got to feel the baby's BRAIN. Well, technically the head. FINE. So that was pretty awesome.

This week the babe is the size of a butternut squash which I find to be totally and completely adorable. It's so cute it hurts. The brain development is picking up and BILLIONS of neurons are being produced in the brain, so I really have to get on my fish-eating. We want a smart babe, you know!? We also finally signed up for our birthing classes that start next month. Nothing like leaving all the learning for the end. We're winging it! (Just kidding, I've read like a million books. Don't even worry about it.) I'm really looking forward to this chance to meet other parents-to-be slash bean's-best-friends-to-be. (Sidenote: I talked to a preg lady at the gym, breaking my long-lasting gym muteness. Yay me.)

In other non-related news, our house is like THISCLOSE to being returned to a functional state of living. After a full week of eating, sleeping, and hanging out in one measily area of the house (i.e. our bed. literally. just the bed.), we can now move back into the rest of the house and start putting the pieces of our lives back together. I think this calls for a collective cheer of some sort...Or, maybe just a round of a applause. (No golf claps either--really get into it!) Ready? GO!

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