Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Mamas

Just in time for Christmas, our house is ALMOST done being poked and cut and painted and prodded. Almost. 9 months later, we officially have no more roof leaks! It's a Christmas miracle. I hope the weekly mental/emotional breakdowns can take a hiatus for a while. I think Fiji was getting a little worn out from it all. There's still more work to be done and little things here and there that need to be fixed up, but we can use every room in our house and even walk around barefoot (if it weren't freezing cold, that is) if we so choose. WHEW.

Yesterday was a big productive Sunday that started off with my prenatal yoga class (followed immediately by church, errands, cookie-baking, present-wrapping, baby-room-organizing, etc.). I'm not exactly sure what maternal instincts are kicking in, but I have had this intensely strong desire to cultivate a community lately. A community of like-minded folks in the parents-to-be category. I never realized that it would be such a challenge.

I go to several different prenatal exercise/yoga classes each week and have continued to be disappointed and/or frustrated by the coldness and competitiveness I find there. It's not at all a group of glowing and supportive pregnant ladies encouraging one another. It's like a big old judgment stew of ladies with rotund bellies. Not even any smiles! I just don' get it. I'm sure a big part of it is the yuppie/competitive neighborhood we live in, but I SO wish it didn't have to be this way. It makes me sad. These classes could offer so much more. I've heard great things about other yoga studios that focus mainly on pre/post-natal stuff, but I already pay to go to my gym and the classes are included and, oh yeah, it's like 3 blocks away. I would think that of any time in your life to open yourself up and share your experience with others, pregnancy would be the time. Even for occasionally (FINE, most of the time) anti-social me. But apparently NOT. Guess they never got the memo.

When I got home Sunday morning, discouraged instead of rejuvenated by my yoga sesh, I explained (aka complained) to Fiji about all this and asked him if he thought I was also setting off the closed-off, cold, uninterested vibe. He (correctly) answered No. But he did encourage me to start making the "first move." Scary! So that's my goal for next time--say hi. Too bad it'll be NEXT YEAR! Ah well. TwentyTen is going to be an awesomely incredible life-altering year.

In other news, 4 days until Christmas!! And Baby, it really IS cold outside.

p.s. Bean is the size of a bag of flour. WHAT.

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  1. OK stop. You're making me want to get pregnant and help build this preg-topia of which you envision. And that's just not gonna happen...yet. However, if I can support you in any non-fellow pregnant way, just let me know. I await how your making the first friendly move with the icy-yuppie moms-to-be goes :)