Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gentle Words

For some reason I decided to venture into the office today after weeks of working-at-home status and it just happens to be the coldest day of the not-yet-even-winter-season. 20 below wind chill, as the radio announcer reported this morning. But to be honest, it felt good to ride the train and read my "gentle birth, gentle mothering" book as the middle-aged man seated across from me looked quizzically at the title. Part of me fully understands the curiosity--I am a curious being after all--while the other part of me would like to tell him to flip off and "MYOB*" (which I like to teasingly declare to the Feej when he asks innocent-yet inquisitive-questions about my day). There is just something about being a part of this anonymous city community that I simultaneously desire and despise. Not my only dichotomous personality trait.

When I went to fill my water at the office water cooler, I found it dry. Nothing much has changed around here. Although loading the new jug was certainly more of a challenge for this 7-month-pregster-mcgee.

I feel quiet and contemplative today and listening to this one song (Freelance Whales, Generator^First Floor) on repeat makes me want to write and write and write. Letters to friends whose addresses have long been lost, cards to new friends just to say hi from across town, notes to baby where the most-used word is sure to be amazed, messages to my lovely family that I don't get to see nearly as much as I'd like, and post-its to my forever love.

*Mind Your Own Business. Clearly.

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