Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Staycation of Sorts

So, I'm back from the lovely land of Florida and I'm pretty sure Chicago and I are in a fight. Poor cold, dreary, wet Chicago. She just doesn't have much of a chance in this love triangle.

And now the hub and I (and the beaner, of course) are having a "staycation" of sorts. And by staycation I mean forced evacuation from our home. Either way, I'm trying to be positive about it and such. Which, if you hadn't noticed, I'm not particularly skilled at regarding this home renovation situation. But I'm trying. Anyway, I'm currently sitting in our hotel room downtown and housekeeping just left. Why is it so awkward when someone else is cleaning up "your" room? I had to resist the urge to get up and help. I was like, do you want me to leave? And she's all, no. So then I just got out of the way as much as possible while she made my bed and stuff. (Wow, this is a great story so far, no?)

I can literally (LI.TER.A.LLY) see the hub's office (and desk!) from my perch. It's very cool. This morning after he left for the office, I watched him (from 12 stories up) walk to work, which was nice. And quite domestic of me (uh, from our hotel room). Then he got into his office and turned on the light and I immediately IM'ed him, I CAN SEE YOU. Creepy much? We waved (well, I waved...probably for longer than necessary) and then I let him get back to work. Then we met for lunch after my workout and swim. I really REALLY wanted to get in the jacuzzi (FINE, I got it up to my knees), but a big sign was taunting me saying no pregnant ladies allowed.

We had our 25 week appointment with the midwife last night and baby's heart rate is right around 140-150. When I first heard the heartbeat I laughed outloud--it's just still so thrilling!--and it went up to about 160bpm, which she noted was good variability. So yay bean. I'm measuring just about on track as well. AND she said I have a nice bump--heyo! The beaner kicks so much and I just love it too much. When I'm riding the train alone I have to remind myself that strangers don't care that there is a person moving around inside of me, so I just smile (as not-crazily/creepily* as possible) to myself and keep my mouth shut.The bean is 25 weeks along today and the size of a RUTABAGA! How fun is that?! If we could get up in there and take a picture we might be able to tell what color the hair is! Also, I took this silly little online quiz and Madame Zaritska informed me that:

The day you deliver, outside will be foggy. Your baby will arrive in the late morning. After a labor lasting approximately 14 hours, your child, a boy (TOLD YA), will be born. Your baby will weigh about 5 pounds, 15 ounces, and will be 18 1/2 inches long. This child will have dark brown eyes and a lot of brown hair.

Now, before you go all crazy on my ass, I realize this is all for fun and I'm not actually depending on this internet lady to predict my labor experience and child's sex, but honestly, I'm pretty stoked! I mean, one of the questions was "do you like broccoli?" So clearly exceedingly scientific.

I realize that I haven't really gotten into much about the choices we are making for the labor and delivery, but as we approach the "3 months to go" marker, I feel like I should. I want to. I want to document these decisions and the reasons behind them so that I can share and so that we can remember this amazing time in our lives when we started truly thinking of someone else--someone precious--rather than just ourselves.

*these are real words--I LOOKED IT UP.

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