Monday, November 16, 2009

The Bean and The Beach

We've decided that the beaner loves the beach just as much as his parents do. (Sidenote: I just wrote "his" without even thinking about it AT ALL. Sign?) So, the beach in November is pretty much the coolest thing ever. What's not so cool is not applying sunscreen to your pale-ass-Chicago-self and ending up with ridiculous raccoon eyes and halter-strap chest marks. The sun was warm, but it's NOVEMBER! I just figured it'd be fine. Luckily, we've been to the beach two more times (in three days!) and it's all balanced out and I can proudly say I have what some may consider a slight to very slight tan. I mean, there are tan LINES. So there's that.

In addition to the awesomeness of the beach, we get to hang out with the bestests! All day! And night! And take bike rides! And see live music! And eat yummy foods! And wear sundresses--SO comfy! And read! And drink decaf! It's just been so great that it needed all those "!'s" The boys have been making dinner and even doing the dishes while us ladies just laze about and discuss weddings and babies. Because that's what ladies do when they are engaged and pregnant. And even when they're not. Because we're LADIES.

What's not been so great is the fact that Fiji had to leave today (I changed my flight to stay longer due to all the house disaster-ness that is going on--lucky me). But it's just not the same without him in our little group. I kept thinking that I was forgetting something, but realized it was just him that I was missing. (Cue: Awwwwww. Or Blech. Depending on your attitude and level of wanting to ruin my life.) While I'm thrilled beyond belief that I get to stay here in this sunshine state with my best friends and their adorably charming and NOT disaster-filled house, I miss my boy. Upon returning to the chaos, he found that the contractors are way behind in their initial predictions that all would be complete by tomorrow morning. SHOCKER. I want to punch them in the necks! Just get it done already! GEE WHIZ. Anyway, the feej will be staying in a hotel for a few will I upon my return to the cold and dreary land. Boo.

In other news, like, say, baby news...last week the babe became an ear of corn. And it can totally hear all that going on around it. It's also been kicking up a storm and Fiji has been able to feel it a bunch of times now--super fun. It seemed that as soon as I arrived in Florida my tummy just exploded. Random folks are now saying slightly inappropriate things about my belly so I think I've crossed some sort of pregnant-lady-threshold. Which is nice. One dude noted that I'd had too many beers lately. To which I responded, "Not enough, actually!" It makes me happy to have this preg belly (6 months later!), despite how much I may complain about being "fat" to the hub. I mean, it's just so crazy looking sometimes.

I must apologize in advance for the jealousy that is about to commence in your soul upon viewing these images. If you saw my house, you would understand that I have to hold onto whatever it is that makes me smile. And right now, it is this:

And this:

And these peeps:

And what is INSIDE this:p.s. I may not ever come back...except to collect hub and maybe a few more outfits.
p.p.s. It was more than hilarious trying to squeeze the "ladies" into my suit. I mean, WOWZA.

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