Tuesday, November 24, 2009

99 days!

It's double-digit time people! Insane in the membrane (insane in the brain). So yeah, that's happening. I honestly can't quite believe it. And I'm really, REALLY trying not to freak out too much about it and the fact that there are like a million gazillion things left to do on my mental to-do list. I mean, for starters, our house is still a disaster-zone chock full of strangers in and out all day and loud banging noises on the roof constantly. I try to be positive and be all, "Well this means that actual work is getting done." But that lasts all of 2.2 seconds and I'm back to wanting to slap them silly. But not violently or anything. SILLily.

The babe is almost 26 weeks (will be on Thanksgiving--talk about thankful!) and I haven't even peeked to see what fascinating fruit or vegetable it will be this week. So you'll just have to wait along with me. DEAL WITH IT. I'm really looking like a pregnant lady these days and it's all maternity clothes from here on out. I ordered a bunch online--which could be risky--but seems to have worked out just fine so far. I haven't yet had the (unpleasant) experience of strangers feeling my belly--thank GOD. I am not sure how I'll handle that, but I'll be sure to report back.

After staying in a hotel for several nights I was again reminded how ornery I really am. For instance, we'd be riding the elevator down in the morning to get our free continental breakfast and of course other people would also need to be getting into the elevator to go eat their breakfasts (the NERVE!) and I would practically take it personally. They'd be all chipper and chatty and I'd grimace as if they were pulling out my toenails. Fiji took one for the team and was the friendly passenger while I stared at the carpet on the walls (literally--carpet walls). Once we'd sit down with our raisin bran and yogurt, I'd wonder, "Why do I hate people so much!?" This poor child.

So anyway, enough about me and my issues. Let's talk about how the baby moves around a TON all day long and how much I love it! I do think we've got a shy little one because most of the time when Fiji goes to feel the kicks and punches and swishes, it stops. What a little sneaker.

I'm pretty sure that the second trimester is up kinda soon, which means I'm heading into the third trimester (just in case you weren't able to follow that progression). So that's exciting. Also, frightening. How did this happen?

In other extraordinary and exciting news, one of my best friends just had her little baby girl, Lola. I'm smitten. She is just so incredibly precious and I'm already ridiculously in love with her. As in, Addicted with a capital A. If I'm this in love with someone else's child, I can only imagine what will happen when it's my own. Mine. (Well, and Fiji's. FINE.)

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