Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today the babe is the size of a mango. How fun!! MANGO! I love mangoes. I really do. But I especially love this little mango.

Big news of the week is that the lung development is kicking it up a notch. Also, the pancreas is growing. (I may or may not have just googled "pancreas function" to find out what that thing really does. Answer: lots of stuff.) The babe is also still hovering around 11-12 inches, and hovering above one pound. Sooooo, not much different than last week. But still. BIG.

Reading various "mommy" blogs or "mommy-to-be" blogs has become my new past-time. It's real wild and crazy over here these days folks. Nonstop rager. The reading of these blogs is simultaneously overwhelming, exciting, frustrating, and encouraging. This whole pregnancy thing is a globally-shared experience, while also being so unique. (This is getting pretty prophetic, watch out.) It helps to be reminded that other women go through these same emotions, these same fears, these same body critiques, these same kicking sensations, these same joyful connections, the same disbelief about growing another individual inside of you while you just go about your life. But, yet, each one of us experiences it in our own ways, in our own special and unique bodies, in our own families and relationships with our partners. But sometimes it's hard. And sometimes you cry yourself to sleep at night because your baby's future bedroom is STILL missing walls and ceilings. And sometimes you just don't feel like getting out of bed. And sometimes you worry. And sometimes you might even throw yourself a little pity party.

But that's when I force myself to remember: we are creating life. CREATING LIFE.

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  1. I love this entry! I'm going back and reading everything sequentially from the beginning, and I appreciate the honesty and complexity of this post. It must be amazing to know that other women will be in labor, like, LITERALLY at the same time you are. There will be a whole bunch of little babies across the globe that will enter their lives within seconds of each other--incredible!!!