Friday, October 23, 2009

Even More Awk

After reading the previous post, Fiji was shocked that I didn't share what he thought was the most awkward (and HIM) aspect of my ultrasound antics. I must've blacked out from the awkness. IDK. But upon being reminded, I decided I had to share. Lucky you!

So, as I'm lying on the "table"--I don't know what else to call that thing, deal with it--and the various baby body parts are being broadcast on the ginormous flat screen on the wall to my left, I'm getting pretty pumped as I realize that our baby is looking, well, normal. Better than normal, in fact--pretty flipping adorable! It's a FACT. So, of course I have to narrate the entire event. OBVS.

Me: That's a pretty good looking head!! Right??
Ultrasound Tech: Slow nod, slow nod.
Me: Ooooh! That's a good looking heart!! And strong, right??
UST: Yes, looks good.
Me: Awww, there's the head!! That's a good looking baby, huh?!
UST: Actually that's the stomach.
Me: Oh, well. Yeah, yeah. I see it now. (No, no I don't.)
Me: Well, that's a good looking stomach! Don't you think?
UST [in an overtly direct tone, I might add]: Yup. (I think she was pretty much over me at this point. Or like, 5 minutes ago. Probably ever since the pants-less situation actually.)

I tried to stop talking but I just couldn't. I wanted to know what was happening! But she was just moving so fast. And using unrecognizable terms and such. However, I do know that the babe's got a 4 chamber heart, two kidneys, a liver, 10 fingers, 10 toes, two arms, two legs, no cleft palate, a strong umbilical cord connection, a nose, two eyes, a mouth, and a bunch of other to-be-expected body parts. WIN!

We debated about whether or not to get the ultrasound--even up to the point where we were in the waiting room AT the ultrasound place. Was it really necessary? Did we really need it? And to be honest, I still don't know. But what I do know is that it made my heart practically burst to be able to see what is going on inside my womb at this very moment. (For some reason it is very hard for me to say womb. Not hard as in, I can't pronounce it or anything. Hard as in, I feel like some homebirth-having-natural-childbirth-hippie or something. And then I remember, oh I AM one of those!) And while I wasn't worried that baby was going to have 2 heads or anything, it was still so thrilling to see that there is a real-live-healthy-baby-child in there just growing and moving and moving and growing and poking and dancing and bouncing and growing. I love this child with my entire being. Like, it fills my whole BODY, not just my heart.

Okay, now you can all go on with your merry lives. But your lives are clearly better for knowing this part of the story. Don't lie, you know it's true. Maybe now is the time to do a round of back-patting. G'ahead. (I literally just did. It felt nice.)

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  1. Just wait until you hold that baby for the first time, and through your first week. You think you know love now, but you have no idea!! AND I am so excited for you because it is something no one can understand until it happens to you. Truly AMAZING and such a gift to know such an incredible love.