Thursday, October 29, 2009


22 weeks and I'm jusssssssst about to pop. I'm pretty sure this time. I think.

This week the beaner babe is the size of a spaghetti squash and weighs just about 1 lb. ONE POUND. The update informed me that it now looks like a "miniature newborn," which is pretty much what I have been imagining this whole time. My genius is confirmed!

By far, my biggest craving this entire pregnancy has been apples. I like them a lot. A LOT A LOT. And last night Fiji and I watched this PBS program called, "The Botany of Desire" and they focused on four different plants of desire: apples, tulips, cannabis, and potatoes. Pretty random, but I like all of those things! But apples are the coolest. It was really interesting learning about the history of apples (no really, it was) and how they've been planted across the country (thanks Johnny Appleseed!) and learned to adapt to various environments. Also, did you know that if you were to plant an apple seed of an apple that you really like (hint hint: HONEY CRISP), the tree that would grow from that seed would be something totally and completely unrelated to that seed's apple?! Me either! Basically by planting a seed you have no control over what is going to spring up. (This is sounding less interesting...) Anyway, they also talked a whole lot about hard apple cider and WOW do I want some of that. Give it to me! The other sections were interesting as well. And by interesting I mean I fell asleep. But I was really tired, so don't judge.

In other news, our house is in shambles. It's awesome! SLASH I DIE. We've been having roof issues for over 8 months and they have finally begun repairs (just in time for winter!) and here we sit with holes in our walls and ceilings and plastic draping all about. I've tried--and continue to try--to stay positive and hopeful and thankful that the work is even underway, but I'm not a huge fan of dust or dirt or disorganization and, well, that basically defines our home at the moment. Every day I get home and start the process of trying to put our life back together, with the full and complete awareness that it's all going to be taken apart again tomorrow. But, that's just what I need to do so that I can go on dwelling in the madness. A coping mechanism, if you will. So, as I sit and stare at the dust caked on the floor, I remind myself (and my kicking child) that we'll get through this. Together.

(Wow, that really took a turn there.)

To summarize, WAH. (Who's the baby now?)

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