Thursday, October 22, 2009

21 Weeks, Still Awkward

We've got one busy baby, I tell you what. Baby is all over the place in there! Probably doing important business such as raising it's arms, stretching it's legs, bending it's knees, poking around my innards, drinking amniotic fluids, etc. Stuff like that. We even got to see the action during the ultrasound--the tech could barely catch the parts she needed to with all the action going on. She seemed a bit ticked off about it too. Baby's already defying authority, so that's promising.

Our tech was totally down to business and not really up for my antics unfortunately. I was a little nervous slash excited when we arrived and as she brought us back to the dimly-lit room she instructed me to get undressed from the waist down. Or that's what I thought she said. So that's exactly what I did. (I debated about whether or not to take off my knee socks but decided it would be best--this wasn't some sort of "Pregnant Women Gone Wild" video after all.) SO. ANYWAY. There I am sitting on the "table" wearing a paper skirt, swinging my legs to and fro like the mature adult that I am and then I start to panic, "Wait, DID she tell me to get undressed? Did I make that up? I thought this whole thing was on the outside? Why would I need to be undressed?" So I asked Fiji, who was of no help whatsoever. THANKS. Well, this might be pretty awkward when she gets back! Long story short(er), she comes in and I'm all, "I was supposed to take off my pants, right? I'm SUPPOSED to be pants-less right now, right?" She looked confused and slightly frightened at first, but then slowly nodded her head in affirmation. THANKFULLY. But then of course I have that whole inability to shut my trap when I'm nervous and/or embarrassed thing and so I'm all, "Oh good. Because that would've been weird. I mean, I'm not wearing any pants! I just couldn't remember what you had said. And then...yeah. Sooooo, anyway. BABY!" So THAT happened.

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  1. hahahhaaha that is really funny. I do think its odd that you had to get undressed though!!! usually its just an unbutton and pull down a little bit. Although I did end up with gooey crap all over the top of my skirt even with the paper rolled over/under it.