Monday, September 28, 2009

Tourists in our own town

WHEWEE, what a weekend! I think we walked somewhere around 4 miles all around various parts of the city, so the bean babe (not to be confused with a beanie baby--seriously) is quite the trooper (aka, I'm quite the trooper since the babe is living INSIDE me at the moment). I'm just going to take this opportunity to pat myself on the back. I don't think we do enough of that these days, the patting ourselves on the back. It's nice. You should try it. DO IT.

So anyway, the in-laws were in town and wanted to "see the sights," so "see the sights" we did. Thankfully it was the pretty much the most perfect weather weekend ever, especially seeing that today we've got cloudy skies, temps of 55, and 50 mph winds. Brief synopsis: Michigan football game at neighborhood rowdy bar (GO BLUE!) where someone got a little carried away with the cowbell (more cowbell!), Navy Pier, water taxi, Chicago River, Michigan Avenue, Hancock Tower, Signature Room, gorgeous sunset--see below, Lake Michigan (as opposed to that "other" Chicago lake?), Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park Zoo (lions, penguins, monkeys!, giraffes, alpacas, etc.), childrens and lots of them (yup, we have them here--big tourist attraction), Orchid House, the highly elusive Lincoln Park yuppies, Belmont trannies, Trader Joes, Bears football, Ann Sathers cinnamon rolls, and in conclusion, homemade deep dish pizza. And when I said brief, I guess I should've said extensive. Soooooo, that happened.

I'm now recovering. For the next 3-5 days.

Lately, each evening around 5 or 6pm I get all antsy and my muscles feel tight and all scrunched up, if that makes sense. Whenever this starts to happen, I become even more of the squirmy worm that I am and can barely sit still. I beg the Feej, "PULL ME!" In regular people speak, this means I want him to pull on my arms and legs--preferably simultaneously, which is basically impossible so I settle for lying on the couch and him pulling my legs and then pulling my arms. I cannot even begin to tell you how good this feels. Well, I can try: It feels really, REALLY good. Like, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Whenever he stops I am basically like, "MORE MORE MORE!" Or rather, "MAS! MAS! MAS!" (We're practicing Spanish--or rather Espanol.) I've also taken to stretching in random places around the house, like holding onto the back of the couch to stretch my lower back, or up against the kitchen wall, or in the shower, or in the elevator (which could lead to potentially awktown situations, but it's worth the risk). I've also noticed how OMG similar I am to my Mom. Like, frighteningly. (p.s. I love you, Mom.) I remember being in the grocery store with her when I was about 15 and just about dying (in my head slash in my totally raging social life) as she started to bend over, leaning her hands on the checkout conveyor belt to "stretch." I'm starting to understand the allure.

Next topic! I haven't "popped" yet. But I am on the verge, I swear. It's much "poochier" after dinner, which is kinda fun/kinda weird/kinda what the hell is happening. When Fiji got home from work tonight, he reached for my belly so I lifted up my shirt and as we gazed/fondled/poked and prodded at the pouch I realized it was LOPSIDED. "That must be the head," he exclaimed. I mean, WHOA.

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