Friday, September 4, 2009

Panic & The Bean

This week the bean proved it's total and unabashed rock stardom. With our bestest's in tow, we attended two shows in two nights on Northerly Island (which used to be a airport! on an island!). Take a look at the view of our city at sunset from our terribly impressive seats:

Yeah. We're awesome. The first night the Allman Brothers opened up for Widespread Panic and once the sun went down the crazies took to dancing in the aisles...among other things. AHEM. In fact, it was probably the most lenient security scene I have ever witnessed in my entire show-going life. And that's a lotta lotta shows people. Old hippies and less-old hippies unite. Anyway, it was super super fun and I proved to all the world (um, that were seated next to and/or up to a few rows behind me) that I can totally still dance my face off while stone-cold sober. Maybe not that shocking. But still, a nice reminder that I STILL GOT IT.

The only part that I could've done without (and when I say "done without" I mean "HATED") was the fact that everyone and their neighbor happened to be chain-smokers (except for my people, DUH). They also seemed to enjoy blowing smoke directly into pregnant lady's faces (or so it seemed). I die. And then I kill you. It's pretty crazy (a.k.a. hypocritical) how Sears-(NEVER to be called Willis)-tower-esque-high on my anti-smoking horse I sit these days. Ahh, pregnancy.

I mentally bonded with the other pregsters there, despite the fact that I don't technically LOOK pregnant yet (to the naked eye), but trust me, there is a lemon-sized baby in there. FOR REAL. I might even post a picture. Maybe. Maybe not. But just don't expect me to call it Bump Watch 2k9. OR DO. Whatever. I should also note that I've adopted this new technique of living called "being flexible." Also known as, "trying not to be such a cranky pants mcgee all the time." It's an experiment. And we're on Day 2. So, please keep your expectations low and your encouragement to a minimum. I don't like to feel pressured to be cheerful. KTHANKSBYE.

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  1. Good luck with that whole, "trying not to be crank pants..." Week 28 and the last few days I HATE everything. I never use the word hate either because I HATE the word HATE. If that gives you any clue as to the state of my head. Not to mention the fact that I think I might go cry...again today...for no reason. Well fine their is reason...right now its because my Duvet is too small for its cover and that is irritating beyond belief.