Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wyatt is 7 months old. {I am older.}

This guy. This 7 month old guy. Apparently he rarely has his mouth closed, as these pictures seem to show. I guess that's true! He is quite chatty these days, making all sorts of {loud} noises. He's also been learning to say his first words: Bubba, mama, and dada. He actually whines mama quite a bit when he wants me to pick him up, get him out of his crib, etc. And he stops when I get him, so I'm pretty sure he's using it correctly! He's still scooting around/army crawling and even getting up on his knees pretty frequently so I bet he'll be proper crawling in no time. He's also starting to pull up on things and stand. Holy mobile. SLOW DOWN, boy!

He has two bottom teeth fully out and his two top teeth have broken through but are still working their way down. Poor guy seems to have a hard time cutting teeth...our sleep has been a bit disturbed this past week or so. Last night we were back to just one wake-up, so hopefully we'll all be getting some better rest again soon. He's been taking two naps: around 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. I am liking this schedule. If we go to the beach in the morning (which we are prone to do), he will take a shorter nap either in the car or on the beach and then a longer one once we're home. He is proving to just go with the flow. Thanks Bub!

Our beach trips are definitely different these days. Still worth it but I think I spend most of my time trying to stop him from eating sand and/or getting completely sandy. 90% of the time I fail. But he loves to be in the water and tries to jump out of my arms and into it. He is a brave one, this Wyatt James.

He loves to be out and about and studies the world around him. He is generally a pretty happy guy and we are so thankful. He does seem to get into EVERYTHING already. But I guess he's just a curious guy.

I'm trying to get into a real food feeding routine for him but I think I'm just lazier this time around. So far he's tried: avocado, banana, and squash. Banana is his favorite, I'd say.

Things he loves:
-the beach (slash eating sand)
-playing in the water
-chewing on cords
-licking the floor
-sneaking Millie's toys
-the jumperoo
-being looked at/talked to/paid attention
-taking a bath
-going for walks
-riding in the car
-watching his sissy
-chewing on tires
-getting into things
-army crawling at top speeds
-gnawing on things
-standing and smacking things

You are loved Bubba.

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