Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wyatt 6 months old

One whole half a year old. It's simultaneously hard to believe that it's only been six months and that it's already been six months. He is such a happy little guy. Especially since those two bottom teeth finally popped through in the past week. He is also just starting to sit on his own AND scoot around to get what he wants. Eh shit. Guess we missed the stage where we can just plop them down on the floor and be comfortable knowing they're not going anywhere. 

We also just started giving him some solids--avocado and banana so far. He seems into it, but not crazy crazy about it. Which is fine by me since I seem to have a hard time remembering to feed him anyway. He IS crazy about the spoon though. Or anything that he can put in his mouth. Which is basically everything, or at least he thinks so. I think we're going to have to start baby-proofing sooner than later. I'm not really sure where to even begin...

He continues to be an early riser (yawwwn) but he also likes to be asleep by 7pm, so we're just going with it. He is happy as a clam when he wakes up and just babbles and squeals (and kicks his right leg over and over again) so it's hard to be too upset with him as a wake-up call. 

He is still obsessed with his big sister and she can make him laugh just by looking at him. It is so rewarding to see them play together and interact. Just the other day I overheard her say to him, "Oh Wyatt, you're my best friend." DIE. She does get a little frustrated when he tries to take her toys, but she is learning to offer him something of his own instead of screaming and grabbing it back. Baby steps. She can also be quite smothering in her show of affection, but we're working on it. He is quite easy to make smile and laugh and even charms strangers everywhere we go. A little flirt, I'd say. 

He is mostly waking once a night to eat and napping three times a day. We are heading to Scotland (today!) so we'll see how that goes for the sleeping routine. They're 6 hours ahead of us so it should be interesting. 

He is still a pretty mellow, easy-to-please, content little man and we are so thankful to have him on our team.

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