Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wyatt: 5 months

This is one sweet little man we've got here.

Wyatt likes:
*his big sister
*his mama
*his daddy
*anything he can chew on (his first tooth--bottom right--just popped through...finally)
*jumping in the jumperoo
*going for walks
*riding in the ergo
*the beach and the gulf
*grabbing everything in front of him
*rolling rolling rolling
*people watching (most favorite to watch is Millie, by far)
*being talked to
*smacking my face and pulling my nose while nursing
*quick nursing sessions
*being tickled
*berserks on his belly
*playing in the bath

He is a pretty content little man and will chill  for a while on the floor but he let's me know when he is ready for some new action. He continues to be fascinated by all that is Millie. Who can blame him?

We are still working on the night sleep, but it's improving. I think. Who can really tell? I'm still up more than I'd like, but I'm just trying to roll with it. He is now sleeping completely unswaddled (just a lightweight sleepsack) and after a month of sleeping on his tummy, I've recently started putting him down on his back again so that's another adjustment to conquer. Transitions, transitions, and more transitions.

He went on his first long road trip to Asheville, NC this past week. He was a super trooper in the car--we were so thankful. He even took a whopping 4 naps on the way home. It helps that Millie's back there to entertain him when he's awake too. And he is growing more and more interested in all the toys we have. Anything we give him goes immediately into the mouth. The night sleep in Asheville was pretty horrendo as he was sleeping in the Phil&Ted's and didn't seem to love it. We are hoping he starts to get used to it on our next big adventure to Scotland in two weeks. Oh dear God please. His naps are getting longer and are still pretty consistent at 8:45, 12:30, and 4. I am usually walking out of his room at 7pm on the dot. He wakes up between 6-6:45am most days and will often play in his crib for a while. Thankfully Brad usually gets up with him and lets me sleep a bit more. I like this routine. He is also learning to self-soothe and often puts himself to sleep--yay!

He is super interested in all that we put in our mouths, so I am getting excited to start solids next month. We are considering baby-led-feeding this time around instead of making tons of purees, but we'll see. I can't believe he has been here for almost 6 months. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. I've started re-introducing some dairy into my diet and it seems to be going smoothly. I'm thrilled about this. I've missed pizza SO much. But it's so worth it to keep his tummy happy.

He is my little love bug. Super snugly and just the sweetest little soul. It is such a joy to watch him grow. We love our Wyatt James!

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