Saturday, April 6, 2013

Millie's 3rd Birthday Party {and some 3 year life updates}

I really wanted to make Millie's birthday special, especially since so much attention has been focused on Wyatt lately. I think she had a great time, especially playing with her "best friend" Hunter Claire from school , running around, blowing bubbles, and eating cake. The girl probably had more sugar that day than all the other days of her 3 years combined. Parenting win. It was a little chillier than we would've liked, but the sun was shining brightly and Millie didn't seem to care. 


At three years old, Millie Bean is quite the character. There are so many different facets to her, just like a regular grown-up person. She can be sweet and soft and gentle one minute and then wild and rough and tough the next. She speaks so well and can often identify her feelings with only a little guidance or questioning. She loves music and dancing. She carries her music machine all around the house and always requests/demands that we watch her dance. She is 100% Daddy's Girl. I know she loves me (she tells me!), but she by far prefers to be by his side. They are the best of buds. He sure is sweet on her. She is a great big sister too. She really delights in all that Wyatt does and likes to be with him and soothe him and give him toys and laugh at all the noises he makes. He adores her too.

Millie loves to learn and play and do her work. She loves to read, play with her dolls, and care for her animals. Usually, instead of taking naps, she has "quiet times" each afternoon. There are definitely days where she sleeps, but it is no longer guaranteed. She's even fallen asleep on the floor a couple of times listening to music like a real teenager. Bedtime can be pretty late on the days she actually sleeps, but she is still in her room at her regular bedtime. When she turned three, she started waking up at night again. Oh joy. She now sleeps with her light on, door open, and two night lights. She has been keeping her pull-up dry during nap and at night more and more so YAY for those improvements. She has started to go to the bathroom all on her own (in the morning and at night) too.

Some of her favorite things: tutus, bubbles, juice (recently introduced), playing games, doing the days of the week board, looking at pictures on my phone, wearing "fancy dresses," going to the beach, going to restaurants, playing with dolls, asking questions, being bossy and persistent, eating cereal and blueberries, climbing on top of us, playing hide and seek, going to Izzy's house, going to school, dancing, reading before bed (she's been sleeping with a book), just hanging out, going to Target, going to the park, doing crafts, and creating little worlds with her people.

Her imagination continues to evolve. She tells wild stories and we can have full on conversations with her these days. She has a lot of BIG feelings that are sometimes difficult to handle and express. But we're working with her to get through them in a peaceful way, even when that is hard for all of us. That's our goal, at least. She demands a lot of attention, but is also so good at playing independently for long stretches of time. She tries to be quiet and have "soft feet" when Wyatt is sleeping. She doesn't like getting her hands dirty. She likes to blow her own nose. She is generous with hugs and kisses. She has started saying thank you to strangers. She is still quiet and hesitant around people she doesn't know, but she is easy to warm up. She really is a darling. A wild darling, but a darling just the same.

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