Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wyatt James: 4 months old

Sweet little man
Those teeth
Cubs opening day
Going BLUE! (So close...)

Beach bub.

Easter 2013
Rider buddy
 First bath with sissie

This guy is growing and changing so quickly; it is terribly bittersweet. I'm not fighting against time, well, because clearly there is no point to that. But also because I am looking forward to getting more sleep one of these nights. And hopefully time will help with that. He is such a sweetheart, but sleeping long stretches is not his top skill. We still have at least two wake-ups each night and it is really wearing us out. His naps are improving and are becoming more consistent (1hr-1.5hrs in the morning and afternoon and then a short one in the late afternoon). But now we're dropping the swaddle, so I'm sure we'll have a (hopefully) short regression there.

He's become quite the Grabby McGrabberson in the past couple of weeks. Hard to get much done holding or carrying him. He is awake and most definitely an active participant in this world. He is so close to rolling from back to belly and easily gets to both sides. Belly to back has been going on for over a month. Dude is teething. Like, whoa. He doesn't get crazy upset about it too often, but everything goes in the mouth. Everything. And he's drooling up a river. So we're hoping these toothers pop soon and give him some relief. And maybe, just maybe, help him sleep better??

As these pictures attest, Wyatt and Millie are besties. He is obsessed. She is my magic bullet when he is being a grouch. He will just follow her (with his eyes) wherever she goes. She gets a little rough now and again and sometimes gets too much up in his business, but usually she is a dream with him. One of the videos above I captured spying on them from the video camera (it records!). It makes my stone cold heart melt. Millie can make him laugh like no other.

We haven't had his 4 month appointment yet (it's this week), but I'm guessing he's around 15 lbs. Much bigger than his itty bitty sissy was at this age. He is such a smiley little guy and chatty too. He went on his first trip this past week--back to Chicago. He was shockingly amazing on all four flights, sleeping almost the whole time.When he wasn't sleeping he was looking around, smiling at fellow passengers, and being a squirmy worm. He loved meeting all of our friends and seems to be happy when someone/anyone is paying him some attention. Although, I have to say that sometimes it seems that he just needs his mama. I don't hate this. Like, at all.

He likes to try to stand and wobble. And he's a pincher. I have to cut his nails regularly or it's major ouchie.  He is one strong guy. We've been taking a baby yoga class once a week and he really seems to love it. He likes to lie on the activity mat and it can keep him occupied for a while. He's discovered his toes. And he wants them in his mouth, like everything else. He gets frustrated when he can't rub his gums with his toys as he'd like to. But he'll learn.

He is a charmer and offers his gummy smile to friends, new and old. He seems thoughtful and determined. And not nearly as intense as his big sister was/is. But I guess there's still time for that.

He is our special guy. Happy four months, little man. We are so glad that you're here. One of us. On our team.

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