Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Millie Lately

Miss Amelia Lee is quite the firecracker these days. I guess she has always been. Or at least it seems like that's what I remember. There are so many facets to her personality: brave, shy, talkative, quiet, rambunctious, sweet, rough, affectionate, cooperative, terror, spunky, spitfire, sneaky, kind, gentle, loving, wild, crazy, silly, and emotional. I'd like to hope that she's well-rounded.

Some of her favorite things include: tutus, bracelets, hair bows, lip gloss {not from me...}, trains, babies, dancing, ballet, ruffles, quinoa, reading, make believe, music, her iPhone {fine}, coloring, beading work, snacks, the beach, her first bikini, anklets, new friends, washing her feet, ponies {real ones and in her hair}, quiet time, her Daddy, sparkles, anything pink, blue, or purple, matching, playing board games, helping with Wyatt {or taking things away from him...}, going to restaurants, swimming in the gulf, the park, helping push the stroller instead of riding in it, reporting, and oh so much more.

Her hair is wild and completely out of control. I think it's growing out and not down. She usually lets me put it back {"one pony or two"} and loves to wear bows and headbands. If they match her outfit, of course. But sometimes she just wants me to leave it alone. And I do that too. Begrudgingly, I might add. But it's her. And I love all of it. All of her.

She's definitely what we kindly refer to as a "three-nager." And at times I think she might be experiencing some PMS symptoms because WHOA with the mood swings. But she is our delight. She frustrates us and entertains us, kisses us and pushes us away, wants us near and wants us to go away. Daddy is still by far the favored parent, but she loves her some mama too. She gets frustrated with Wyatt taking her toys but is usually good at replacing the toy that she rips out of his hands. Usually. She mimics everything we say, especially to Wyatt. "That's not for you, Bubba." "What's the matter, bub?" And all on her own: "Oh, Wyatt, you're my best friend."

She is growing and learning and changing and that is exactly what we hope for her. We love you Millie Bean.

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