Monday, November 1, 2010


Amelia's first Halloween.

She was a Busy Busy Bumble Bee. She is a very busy girl--always getting into something.

She love love loves to stand. (She also love love loves her daddy.)

She's a curious little rascal that Millie Bean. ("Um, what is this?")

She puts anything and everything into her mouth these days. (Well, except for some of the purees I've made her. She'd prefer to just eat dust bunnies or rug lint or hay or grass.)

On Sunday we went to a Halloween Brunch with our Moms group. There is something so incredibly funny about little people dressed up. They're just so cute! And little! Almost every baby was an animal of some sort.

After that we went to Millie's best friend's house for an early (baby-bedtime-appropriate) dinner. YUM.

Happy Halloween!


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