Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Crazy Eights

Today is Amelia's 8-month birthday. If we were to throw her a special party for the occasion, we'd give her 8 of her current favorite things:

1. Keys: The real metal ones. No plastic "baby" keys for this lady. She wants the real deal. And will throw a bit of a fit when I take them away in order to, you know, do something crazy like start the car or something.

2. Remote controls: If it has little buttons and she's not supposed to play with it, then she wants it. And she isn't as easily thrown off with a little hiding behind the pillow maneuver.

3. Buttons/Snaps/Zippers: She wants to eat them all right up.

4. Cords: Obsessed.

5. Straps: Luckily this comes in rather handy as she likes the strap on her carrier as well as the strap on her car seat. This gives me an additional 5-10 minutes of go-time.

6. Puffs/Rice crackers: My saving grace in the car when she's overtired (or just plain sick of being in the car) and I've (once again) pushed her past her limits. Bad mama. But these little snacks melt in her mouth and therefore delay the meltdown on the way home.

7. Mirrors: She is the only person that can undoubtedly make herself laugh and giggle and smile no matter what. She loves herself, what can I say.

8. Anything about 2 feet tall: She is pulling herself up on anything she possibly can these days (fireplace, ottoman, tv stand, chairs, bathtub, etc.). And sometimes nothing at all...which results in a funny downward dog action. It's actually quite impressive. (Also, dangerous. She had her first mobility-related-injury last week as she came crashing down on the corner of our molding. Scary.)
Sunset on the roof:

Proper crawling:

First attempt at Cheerios:

One favorite toy: lens cap

Just a cool little lady:

Nightly tubbies (her other favorite bath toy is a plastic cap) :

Pulling herself up for the first time:

Chewing up her crib (she's got 5 teeth!):

First time on Mullett Lake:

Hanging with Uncle Matthew:

Big swinger:

Happy 8 months to my sweetness, my bunny mcgee, my monkey, my millie bean, my amelia lee, my munchkin, my babe, my little, my lovie.

p.s. She's a chatty bean these days. Sometimes it sounds like she's saying Brad, but comes out more like "Bwad." Also, she can say "MA-MA-MA" (but I'm not sure she relates it to me yet) and "BAH-BAH" and "WA-WA." Among other incomprehensible sounds. It's the cutest.
p.p.s. I almost don't want to type this for fear of jinxing it, but she's been sleeping solidly for the past week and I haven't gone into her room once before 6am for the past almost 2 weeks. (Brad's gone, but not recently.) She will wake up and fuss a bit in the night and maybe cry out, but she settles herself back to sleep within 5-10 minutes. Usually. She's napping twice a day pretty consistently for about 75-90+ minutes. LOVE. Sometimes she needs the 3rd nap, but not usually.
p.p.p.s. She throws her arms up when she wants to picked up. I die.
p.p.p.p.s. She laughs and smiles and loves to be tickled.
p.p.p.p.p.s. She is starting to really get the hang of this eating thing. She adores her puffs and MUM-MUMS, just like her carb-loving mama. So far she's had: avocado, banana, oatmeal, butternut squash, carrots, pears, sweet potato and cinnamon, and a bit of my apple. So fun!


  1. Oh my! She is just beautiful! That swing looks like so much fun, lucky Amelia!

  2. she is beautiful. This is such a cute age. My little one has just turned 9 months. And what is it with cords and remotes!!!! That and mobile phones?