Saturday, April 10, 2010

One Month Visit with the Doc

Which actually occurred at 5 weeks 2 days but whatever. He's a busy man.

Here she is in the waiting room, my Bunny McGee. That is her nickname. Well, one of many, many that I have for her. Nicknames, I love 'em.

On this trip I learned that she does not, in fact, love the car or her car seat. About 5 minutes from home she decided to tell me all about her distaste for it. I had to pull over and nurse her in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot (without buying ANYTHING). She still wasn't too pleased when we started again but quickly fell asleep regardless.

Miss Millie Bean is now 8 lbs and 3 oz (15th percentile) and 22 inches long (75th percentile)--she's TALL, but the doc thinks she should be gaining a bit more. Which of course has thrown me into what I will now be referring to as WorryWartfFest 2K10. I basically almost cried and forgot all my other questions for him (even though they were written in her cute little book that I carry with me everywhere). It's just, well, it was just hard to hear that I'm possibly not providing everything she needs. I mean, feeding her is basically my only job and somehow I'm fucking that up. So that was nice. However, he reminded me that he's not concerned for her (she is gaining well within the "normal" range) but more concerned for me because of how often she's feeding (for the past few days she has been nursing every hour or two except she's been sleeping normally at night since we got home from our trip). My internet research led me to believe she was experiencing a growth spurt (she had ALL the symptoms). But he just wants to "be sure" so we're scheduled to come back for a "weight check" in two weeks. I wanted to "be sure" never to see him again, but I got over it.

ANYWAY. The boy continues to remind me that she's happy (except for when she's fussypants...I mean, she is a baby afterall) and healthy. Plus, I mean, we did just go on a massive road trip adventure which maybe messed with her schedule just a bit. Anyway, I love her to pieces ohmygosh SO many pieces and I just want to give her the world.

In other news, today we spent the afternoon on the roof deck and she is in LOVE with it up there. Good thing since that is pretty much where we spend our days whenever the sun is shining and it's over 65 (which, granted, is not all that often in Chicago). So I'd call that a WIN. Don't you just want to squish those cheeks!! (Not a question because OBVIOUSLY you do.)

p.s. I honestly cannot believe how much pink I dress her in. I mean, seriously. I don't own ANY pink. Well, maybe one shirt. But still! I SO did not expect this.

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