Monday, April 19, 2010

6 Weeks Plus

So, yeah, once again I am a bit delayed with the postings around this here place. It's hard to pinpoint exactly where my time goes these days, but I can assure you it's well-spent with my little lady. Amelia turned 6 weeks old last Wednesday. Here is evidence of the cuteness:

She continues to melt our hearts with her gummy smiles and she's starting to "talk" to us quite a bit. We love her stories (although the ones at 3am go a leeeeetle bit long and we must remind her to "find her endpoint," as Miss Sarah suggests). Her little voice is adorbs to the max though so I really can't complain.

The day after she turned 6 weeks, she went and gave us something spectacular: 6 solid hours of sleep. In a ROW. If only we had gone to bed at 8pm with her...but we were still thrilled! And then she did it again the next night and I almost died of joy. And then the next night, well, it seemed she didn't like all those consistent hours of sleep. So we'll have to wait and see what happens, but it's still good to know that she has the potential to sleep that long. I have to continue to remind myself that she's 6 weeks old. There is no routine, no schedule. She's just doing her thing and I am doing my best to read her cues and signals and provide whatever it is that she needs at that moment. I mess up a fair share, but I'm learning. But she's my bunny and man-oh-man am I blessed.

Some things she digs:
- bath time (she more than digs it, she adores it)
- butt bumps (preferably in a rhythmic pattern)
- lights (still)
- art (potential artist in the making)
- sleeping in the sling
- lying on her changing pad
- her sleep sheep (still)
- sleeping on her daddy's chest
- being perched up high on our shoulder
- holding her head up
- early morning QT with mama and/or daddy (she seems to be a morning person, just like us--yip!)
- her monkey clementine
- long walks and blue sky

Some things she doesn't dig so much:
- getting out of the tub
- the process of getting into the sling
- the process of getting dressed (mostly just the over the head and the arms into sleeves)
- sitting alone (she's okay for a few minutes, then... not so much)
- hiccups
- swing, bouncy chair, etc....aka my freedom
- nursing in the car (or at crowded parks where the wind is blowing like mad and the "hooter hider isn't "hiding" so much)
- being burped
- mama picking at her dry skin, ear wax, toe jam, etc. (but who would like that?!)

Sometimes I still look at her with stars in my eyes and cannot believe that she's ours. She's mine. She's with us. Forever and for always.

Okay then. Pictures!


  1. she is completely adorable! i can't believe how cute she is...and how well you guys seem to be adjusting! yays all around!

  2. ur baby is stunning. v. pretty n cute lol <£