Sunday, October 14, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Guess who's officially in a big girl bed? Yes that's right--Amelia Lee. We did it. More like, she did it. She's blown us away with her big-girl-bed-transition. It's been shocking, really. I was thinking that it was either going to be a slow, painful, sleepless night kinda thing or a breeze. And thankfully it's been the latter! We had been having major going-to-bed issues for the past several way too long weeks/months. Like delay tactics up the wazoo, fussing, whining, and even high-pitched screaming at bedtime. Every time. And it was wearing on me big time. Anyway, we're 3 weeks in and we are back to peaceful bedtime routines with hugs and kisses and no fuss. She doesn't even get out of bed and terrorize her room (who suggested that might happen, GEEZ?) and she CAN get out. She gets up and down with no problem but mostly just when we're playing in her room during the day.

Her favorite thing to  do it to look out the window. It's pretty adorable. She'll be all snuggled up under the covers while we're reading/singing/etc. and then as soon as we leave she is up and peeking out. It's like she has to check out the driveway haps before she can rest. Makes sense, really. Since getting her big girl bed she has also dropped down to only one lovey--Henry--in bed with her. He must be there for stories too...we can't start without him. And he must gets hugs and kisses too. Clearly.

Oh and the other thing since getting in a big bed? She remembers and tells us about her dreams when she wakes up. It's HILARIOUS. So far most have involved a cat. A cat driving a car, a cat chasing a mouse, a cat kissing Daddy, and then this afternoon it was about a baby bird sleeping. So awesome. 

While she's in underwear during the day, she is still wearing pull-ups/diapers at nap and bedtime mainly due to her sippy-cup-in-bed addiction. But she does get thirsty in the night and I'm just not ready to take it away yet. She cries out for more if hers is empty (we've tried gradually putting less and less water in to "wean" her off it) in the middle of the night, so I know she really needs it (right now). She also doesn't have 100% dry underwear all the time (yet) so we're still working on the potty training thing but we're rolling with it. When I hear about kids who just "got it" and never have ANY accidents I kinda don't believe their parents but I guess it's possible. I just thought my child was a GENIUS in EVERY and ALL things but I guess she needs to be practicing her kegels. (Too far?)

Anyway! All in all we are exceedingly pleased with how the bed thing has gone. So yay Mills! Here are some (blurry) phone pics from her very first night...because that's how I roll these days. BIG GIRL!

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