Sunday, October 14, 2012

32 weeks pregs

Also noteworthy, I'm 32+ weeks pregnant and feeling large and in charge.

But first I want to make a PSA to the world: Do not ever, ever, ever, EVER tell a pregnant woman (or any woman, for that matter) that she is HUGE. Just don't. Is it really that hard to keep your mouth shut? Because OMF it sure seems that way. Related, do not ask her if she is sure there aren't twins in there. Really? REALLY?! I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE NECK. Except I won't and then I will think about how I wish that I had said something to stand up for myself and my body for way too long after the exchange. Like days. Like I'm still thinking about it. Because you know what? YOU ARE NOT TINY. And you aren't growing a PERSON inside of you.

Okay I feel (somewhat) better. I should also mention that I honestly don't think I'm that big. I mean, I'm pregnant. I look pregnant. And I'm the size I was when I gave birth last I've got that going for me. But with Millie I never got huge huge and people always commented about how small I was which I didn't love either. But that's better than having strangers tell you that you're huge. It's shocking that people feel like they can say WHATEVER to a pregnant person. Like we don't have enough SHIT going on inside. If you want to say anything, say "You look great!" Or, in case they/we don't just say, "Congratulations!" Actually, I think those are the only two allowances. Pass it on.

SO. Yeah. 32w5d and apparently I am a little testy. This pregnancy has been so different than my first. I am still feeling fairly good, considering. I'm sleeping well, eating well (although I still get full super fast), peeing quite a bit, still exercising--mainly yoga and kettleballs, feeling lots of movement, etc. But I also have the lovely vericose vein issue, stretch marks (from last time and maybe some more...womp womp), braxton hicks, heartburn (but not too bad), candy-cravings, afternoon lethargy, and slow-moving-ness typical of the third trimester. It also takes me quite a while to actually get comfortable in bed and usually sleeping on my right side is more comfortable than my left (tsk tsk) but DEWAI. The baby seems strong and active (a lot) so I think we'll be okay.

We've been preparing and nesting and I pretty much love this part. Getting rid of shit is the BEST. And so is organizing. LOVE IT. I have a feeling that we're going to feel pretty cramped in here in the next couple of months, but we will make it work. Because that is what we do. And well, we have to.

We are planning another home birth and decided to also bring a doula onto the team this time around. Ideally, I'd love to actually make it into the pool this time too. Time (literally) will tell. I've (finally) started to read some birth-related books and I'm getting excited about the whole thing again. It's obviously different this time because I actually know how painful it can be. But I also know how magical of an experience it is. I am making some goals for myself, so we'll see how it goes. We are just getting so excited to meet this person. Building and growing a family is such a blessing. A challenging, character-building, life-changing blessing. Let's DO THIS. (In 5 or more weeks.)

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