Thursday, February 3, 2011

11 months old

Today Amelia is 11 months old. Weepy slash joyful mama over here.

This past month was pretty major:
*She rang in a brand new year for the very first time (albeit fast asleep)

*She started feeding herself with a spoon
*She now pats US on the back
*She started standing unassisted (not pictured...)

*She got her 8th tooth

*She mastered pushing things around the house and walking behind them {like her push cart, trash cans, baskets, sewing machine case, boxes, etc.}

*She started to actually sort shapes with the shape sorter

*She developed an interesting obsession with her socks
*She waves (especially when anyone puts on a coat)

*She consistently put herself to sleep at night (sometimes after playing in the crib for a WHILE)
*She started sleeping 7-7 (yip!)

*She had her first tubby date with a boy

*She got her first passport

*She developed her first crush on an older boy (and a DIFFERENT one from the tub date--she's keeping her options open)

*She took her first steps (!) (not yet captured on film)

*She started really playing with her friends

*She had her first snow day (Blizzard of 2011)

*She said her own version of Jack (the puppy I sleep with WHAT OF IT) in a sweet little whisper. DAH-DAH is still going strong and MUMMA when she's upset (along with plenty of other indecipherables).

She is wild and wonderful and hilarious and mischievous and brave and stubborn and silly and serious and curious and crazy and quite definitely has a mind of her own. And we love that little mind (and that little body) to infinity and back again.

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