Monday, January 3, 2011


Welp, Amelia is officially ten months old. TEN months. The beginning of the pre-teen months. For a baby, that seems real old, right? She is dangerously close to one whole YEAR. (Although apparently we still count in months. Keep up.) That also means that toddlerhood is right around the corner. How has this happened? IDK but this age is truly so much fun (and so funny)(and occasionally so frustrating)!

Favorite food: Banana (and frozen veggies) (also: things she can feed herself)
Favorite drink: mama's milk (still going strong ~5x/day)
Favorite music: Reggae
Favorite toy: Stackable wooden rings
Favorite toy that's not actually a toy: Remote controls, iPhones
Favorite book: I'm a Bunny
Favorite facial expression: scrunched-up nose smile (I keep telling her to be careful not to smile her face off.)
Favorite thing to do: MOVE (crawl, climb, stand, pulling up, etc.) (usually with a toy in her mouth)
Favorite noise to make: YAHYAHYAHYAH (2nd place: DAH-DEE) (honorable mention: mumma)
Favorite Christmas gift: the farm
Favorite new skills: waving, dancing/bouncing, shaking her head, clapping
Favorite toy in bath: the ever classic rubber ducky
Favorite thing to do in the kitchen: destroy the ever classic tupperware drawer (unfortunately most of our tupperware is glass...) OR go after the bottle of beer or wine that are so smartly being stored on the floor
Favorite thing to do in the car: eat snacks (and play with her very own set of keys) (oh, and pull off her shoes & socks)
Favorite seated position: Indian-style
Favorite thing to do when getting up from naps: hugs (aka: my favorite thing)
Favorite friends: Lola, Bowen, Willie (my parents dog), Daddy
Favorite thing to smile at: Babies!
Favorite time to go to bed: 7pm
Favorite time to wake up: 6:45am (usually...)
Favorite evening activity: bath
Favorite place to visit (so far): Bebe&Pop's home in the woods
Favorite game: peek-a-boo
Favorite person to look at: herself

Mostly, she likes a lot of stuff. So that's nice. There are plenty of non-favorites too though, so don't be fooled. The least favorites include: getting her diaper changed, getting dressed, getting something taken away, growing a tooth that appears to be DRAGGING it's (teeth)feet, sitting in the car for too long, getting her face and hands wiped, not being held when all she wants to do is be held, etc. and she certainly let's us know her preferences (especially with a vigorous head-shake) but we're a pretty well-rested, happy bunch over here these days. (*knock on wood*)

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