Monday, December 20, 2010

NINER (and a half...)

(family photos by Tara Vorhes)

So, yeah. I'm a little late on this monthly post. It's been a busy December! For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to make all of our Christmas gifts this year. Genius with an almost-toddler for a daughter. Especially since she likes me to be paying attention to her. At ALL times. (Except for when she wants to chew on her favorite toys: cords.)

ANYWAY. Miss Mills is now 9+months and is growing and changing and learning and discovering and interacting and talking and moving (and getting frustrated) and being delighted by the world around her. She has alllllll sorts of fun tricks these days and we are so enjoying her.

  • Words: She doesn't "talk" so much as she jibber jabbers. A lot. But some sounds she makes include: mumma, daaaaaaa, baaaaaah, hi, yaaaaaaaaa, lkdakojoidhifaaaaa, etc.
  • Likes: bath time, cords, her red balloon, blocks, pulling herself up on anything possible, when we make animal sounds, looking at pictures of herself, remotes, making noise, dancing!, crawling on everything--she's FAST, being held , banging on the computer, chewing on things, playing with anything she's not supposed to, banging on things, the dustbuster, plants (eating dirt), and um, a bunch of other stuff. She's pretty awesome like that.
  • Dislikes: being strapped into the car seat (but once we start moving she's usually fine), getting her diaper changed, getting dressed, waking up from naps, having something taken away from her (she laughs if/when I say "no"...HILAR), not being fed immediately after getting out of the bath/not being fed immediately when she wants to eat, and some other things I'm sure.
  • Sleep: She sleeps! She usually naps about an 1hr15min-1hr30min in the morning and again in the afternoon. I appreciate the consistency. She's still sleeping through the night, but was waking up pret-ty early for a while. She now sleeps anywhere between 6:30-7pm to 6-6:30am. We sometimes hear her cry out around 5ish but she goes back to sleep, thankfully! Of course there are variations to this, but Brad continues to remind me that she's not a robot. I guess he's right. She's a munchkin!
  • Eating: She's been eating "human" food for the past couple of months and she keeps me guessing. She very much prefers to feed herself (shocker!) so I am trying to figure out different things for her to try. She is still a big snacker and would eat puffs and baby mum-mums all day if I let her. She still loves her oatmeal and banana and adores being able to feed herself banana. She likes to chew on apples in the mesh feeder. She drinks water out of her sippy cup. She loves to share my smoothie in the morning. I've given her little chunks of all sorts of other stuff (i.e. cheese, turkey, pasta, frozen veggies, cooked veggies, clementines, etc.) but she usually ends up spitting it back out. But she does a great job at getting it in there! I keep reminding myself it's just practice. She still nurses 5 times a day, which is fine by me. Sometimes she even lets me listen to music or talk to Brad while she eats--big development for us.
  • Playing: Millie loves to play. We have an ottoman in our living room that holds all of her toys. She likes to stand at the edge and pull random things out (and fling them around the room). She lets me get through a whole book without ripping it out of my hands and sometimes more than one book at a time. She is starting to dance (or, rather bounce) whenever she hears music. Adorableness. She loves to play peek-a-boo. A lot. She even plays it by herself. She's starting to clap and also wave--exciting!
  • Moving: She is always on the move. For sure. She crawls everywhere she can and loves to explore our condo and will undoubtedly find something to play with that she shouldn't. Typical. When I don't hear her, I'll call out her name and she will crawl back in view and flash me a toothy (albeit mischievous) grin. She's just so flipping curious! She has stood unassisted a few times, but just for a few seconds.
  • Social: Amelia's got quite the social life. We go to a music class once a week and Mom's group another day. She crawls all over the other babes and usually steals their toys. She's got a few other best baby friends and gets so excited when we see them. She's also got some buddies at the gym daycare and some days doesn't even seem like she cares when I return to pick her up! She is still pretty reserved when we're out and about and doesn't just hand out cute smiles to anyone--but when she does it's so special.
We are all looking forward to sharing her very first Christmas with her! Joyful holidays!!

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