Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Bunny McGee turned 5 months old today. Five whole months. She celebrated by taking two long naps and letting me get some work done. She's a real doll, that Amelia Lee. For some reason when I talk to/about her I must use two names. It's just the way it is and has to be. Deal with it Millie Bean!

I think this past month has been my most favorite thus far. She's SO fun! She's a mover and a shaker but she also seems to be able to just sit back and chill sometimes, which is pretty much our lifestyle so that's nice. She's silly and serious and curious and observant and oh so much more. While she seems overly interested in what we put in our mouths (grabby mcgrabberson), we're holding off to start solids until the six month mark (although I have to admit, I'm getting anxious to begin--I'm excited!).

She's a squirmy wormy and much prefers standing to sitting. She's barrel-rolling and prefers to lie under the coffee table and gnaw on its legs. She chirps and sings and screeches and squawks and squeaks and it's honestly music to my ears. She's a starer too, which I'll eventually have to inform her isn't too polite. But for now, she's learning. She's taking it all in. She's smart. She knows what she wants and she tells us. But she's shy. And she's coy. And she's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

She's sleeping SO much better and it makes my life so much easier. She still wakes up once a night, usually around 4am and then goes back down for another 2-3 hours. I can deal with that. I mean, don't get me wrong, it will be a delight when she starts the 7-7 stretches, but for now I'm content and pleased with her sleep routine and just want what is best for her. If she wants to eat, I want to feed her. She usually takes 3 naps a day (one morning, one early afternoon, and a short blip nappy to make it to bedtime) that range from 45min-2hours. So that's that for now.

We got a surprise a couple weeks ago when a small white line popped through her bottom gum line--a TOOTH! And let me tell you, her favorite teething toys (our fingers) are no longer a good option--that thing is sharp! She seems to be managing the pain fairly well, but I've been using some homeopathic remedies when she seems particularly bothered and fussy and they seem to be effective and help soothe those gums.

Oh! Another big change...we had to drop the swaddle cold turkey one day because she was rolling around her crib like a maniac. It did affect her sleep for a couple of nights but now we're back. I was pretty worried about the whole thing...for no reason apparently (shocker). Now it's the cutest thing to watch her sleep with her arms outstretched. Speaking of watching her sleep, we basically stalk her via video monitor. I mean, I'm obsessed with that thing. It's so fun to see her wiggle and flip and turn and settle herself back to sleep. I also realized how often she'll wake up and play around in her crib without making a sound when I previously assumed she was sleeping. It's so nice that she likes it in there so I can just let her play and entertain herself for a while until she lets me know she wants out. Getting her up from a nap or in the morning is probably one of my favorite times. She gets SO excited and grins the biggest grin and kicks her feet and her whole body bounces. I pretty much feel that same way.

She's growing up right before our eyes and we couldn't be more proud. She's our lovey love and our munch (munchkin) and our baby girl babe and we love her so. Happy fiver monkey buns!

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