Friday, July 9, 2010

Four Months

Amelia turned 4 months last week on the 3rd of July, which happened to be the exact date that we found out about our little bean, one year ago. What a year it's been.

Some of her favorite things these days include:
- standing
- sitting in her bumbo
- sucking/gnawing on her hands, your hands, your shoulder, her toes, etc.
- going for walks in the bjorn
- staring at herself in the mirror
- smiling, a big 'ol gummy smiles
- kick kick kicking in the bath (and therefore splash splash splashing all over the place)
- "talking" to her "friends"
- waking up from naps
- making us laugh
- observing the world around her
- helping mama water the plants and flowers on the roof

Um, and some other stuff.

The other big thing is that we've been working on getting her into a better (for us) sleeping routine. We're excited by her progress and hopeful for even more improvements. My dear husband has been sacrificing his rest and sleeping in her room (we're transitioning her into her crib) to feed her bottles at night. This strategy will hopefully get her to drop a night-feeding (or two) and teach her that it's fun to sleep at night! No warm, snuggly boobs to enjoy...until morning (ish). I don't expect her to sleep all the way through the night yet especially because I really do think she's hungry and she's still such a peanut that I want her to be getting all the food and nutrients she wants/needs. But hopefully she'll start to during the DAY! We went through a spell of waking every 2 hours or so when she was right next to me and that was just too much so we had to try something. I've been getting an almost full-nights sleep for the last few days and let me tell you, it is MARVELOUS. Probably the best gift ever.

She's such a joy to be around and I couldn't ask for a happier baby. She's smiling and laughing and cooing and it's so much fun to experience her delight. OH! And on her 4 month birthday (spent in Northern Michigan) she said MAMA!! I mean, I know she didn't really know what she was saying, but STILL! I die of pride.

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