Monday, May 3, 2010

two months old

Dearest Millie Bean,

Today you are two months old and are as sweet as can be (when you want to be, of course). You are smiling at us all the time and starting to giggle, especially when we tickle your toes or under your chin or poke your cheeks with your own hands or talk in silly voices. It's my greatest accomplishment so far--making you laugh.

You started to develop your own little sleep/eat/play routine (which included sleeping for 6-8 hours straight!) and your daddy and I were really getting used to it...and then we went and messed up your naps and therefore your night-time routine. I guess that's what we get for trying to have a life! But you're still our little precious baby girl and we love you so.

You are starting to babble and coo lots and it's pretty much the best thing ever. You have the cutest little voice and seem to talk not only to us but to the little creatures around you and also the wall. So yeah, good work. I'm sure you're charming the hell out of them all.

You are growing to like your bouncy seat and will sit contently in there while I make my breakfast and coffee in the morning or empty the dishwasher in the afternoon, but you still very much prefer to be in our arms. You still love the sling but mostly just when you want to be sleeping. Otherwise your curiosity wins out and you just examine the world around you with your big gorgeous eyes.

(Okay, just woke up from a very short nap (like, 30 minutes) and I may have to take back all the sweet Millie comments. Or maybe not, but I kinda want to. As your daddy said, it's your birthday and you can cry if you want to. And apparently you want to. So go ahead.)

You are really enjoying the activity mat these days and will lay there and stare at yourself in the little mirror for what feels likes hours in baby time (so, like, 15 minutes). You swat at the dangling animals and are even grasping onto the rings. We're so proud.

Thankfully, you love being outside and going for walks. I really, REALLY appreciate this. You no longer like to fall asleep in the stroller though, you'd prefer to look all around and observe and stare (even if it's just at the warning label inside the hood of your car seat). You especially love the roofdeck (again, thank you) and watching this city of yours.

You nurse in short 8-10 minute bursts and sometimes even less. I try to encourage you to stay at it longer, but I'm trying to just follow your lead since only you know when you're tummy is full. The main issue with this is that you do not enjoy nursing in the car, which makes it a little bit challenging to get my errands done around town. And it's hard to predict when you'll be hungry next, so sometimes I feel a bit trapped in the house. But you don't seem too concerned. The good news is that you don't seem to be spitting up as often and your burps are coming easier. I take this as a sign that your little digestive system is working out the kinks--woohoo!

You love having your daddy around and will stare at him for days. He loves to snuggle up on you and kiss your chubby cheeks and long toes. He's the master at putting you to sleep (you don't even cry!) and I wish he was home all the time to take that job. On weekend mornings we love to hang out in bed and love on you as you wake up and stretch and smile and tell us all about your dreams.

You are the hardest job that I've ever had.

Oh Miss Bunny McGee, you are our favorite littlest lovie and we adore you. With your fussies and your sensitivities and your mood changes and all.

Happy Birthday Amelia Lee.

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  1. What a beautiful letter!

    Amelia is beautiful, look at those eyes – massive!

    I also just read your birth story - congratulations – it's a lot of hard work but worth it, right?

    It seems like our babies are very similar! Rosie also likes to feed in short bursts, prefers to be in my arms (although will now lay by herself contently in the morning for about 20 minutes) likes to sleep in a sling and sleeps at night.

    Isn't being a mama the best and hardest thing you've done?

    Anna x

    PS. Sorry for the rather long comment.
    PPS. I tried to leave a note in your tumblr but it didn't work.