Thursday, May 20, 2010

Millie's Room

Here are some pictures of Miss Millie's room. It's my favorite...and I hope it will be hers as well. It was so fun for me to create this space for her--her very first room. We put a lot of "homemade" touches in the room to make it feel like that...home.

Some details (to help me remember):
*the day before she was born I made the garland from scraps of fabric
*my mom made the slip cover for the glider and I made the bumpers and crib skirt
*the little peter pan rattle came from her cousins
*the mirror was her great-grandparents
*the three circular pieces of art were created just for her by her three cousins as Christmas gifts when she was still in my tum
*the Ann Arbor map that hangs above her changing table is from the family cottage (RIP)
*the felt mobile was a gift from Bebe & Pop (my parents) to bean for this past Christmas and was made by a family friend's 12 year old daughter
*the monkey are clementine and penelope (one is mine, one is the bests...can you guess which is which?)
*silver baby cup a gift from the great-grands with Amelia's initials
*sunshine print made with love by best
*framed picture of my as a babe with my parents--the first gift the boy gave to me on our first Christmas together
*framed CTA (Chicago Transit Association) map--most important of all seeing as that's how the boy and I met (on the purple line express!)

p.s. I am posting much more frequently over at clementines and monkeys, for those that are interested in seeing miss millie bean on a more regular basis and who isn't!?

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  1. Who knew you were such a Interior design lady. Looks like it is straight off ohdeedoh! Maybe you should submit...."Yellow and grey done right"!!!